Best Roof for Your Florida Home

If you want the best roof for your Florida home and are planning for a roof replacement, you must take a lot of factors into consideration, like hiring the best roofing contractors especially if you need storm damage roof repair. This includes sun exposure, hurricane, extreme heat, and other weather conditions. Heavy rainfalls with wind, lightning, and tornados, subtropical and tropical climates, and trees falling into pieces are also supposed to be taken into consideration. If you own a home in Florida, you might need to have a regular roof inspection with help of the best residential roofers due to obvious reasons. When doing the same, you must know what the different roofing options available in Florida are. Amongst the different roof types, their construction, crane hire rental and construction equipment cost, and materials used, you must know which one is the best for your Florida home. Whether you are constructing a new building or have an existing roof that has leaked for many years, having a silicone coating as a protection for your roof can provide a long term, cost effective system that will save you money.

What are the different types of roofs available in Florida?

Some of the most popular types of roof available for homes in Florida are discussed below as follows: 

  • Clay tile roof 

Several homes in Florida particularly the ones located in Southern Florida are constructed with clay tile roofs. Roofs made up of clay tile can be a little costly when you need residential roof repairs or roof replacements, but they are low maintenance. A lot of homeowners find these roofs more aesthetically beachside; they provide a very elegant look to their home. The credit goes to their design and construction, which makes them stand apart from any other kind of roof available in Florida. They can withstand extremities of weather, heat, and insects too. Roofs of clay tile can be availed in different colours, styles, and shapes. The most common types include fluted, interlocking, and flat. They can last from nearly 50 to 100 years. 

  • Metal roof

Metal roofs are also very popular in Florida mainly because they offer very high durability and are friendlier to the Florida weather in comparison to clay tile roofs. The best part about these roofs is that they require zero maintenance. If installed properly by welding services, they can also maintain the temperature of your home keeping it cooler as they can reflect the hot sun of Florida. Though, a lot of advancements have been made in metal roofs which have offered a lot of options to the homeowners. The colour of the metal roof can be customized as per your choice and you can also make the design look similar to other types of roofs like wooden roofs or shingle roofs, just make sure you get your material from a high quality metal fabrication company. 

  • Concrete tile roof

Concrete tile roofs are now popular in Florida for more than thousands of years and are still being used in a lot of homes. According to experienced roofers at Bourdeau Contracting, just like metal roofs, concrete tile roofs are highly durable and require very low maintenance. Similar to a clay tile roof, they protect your home from high heat and weather conditions. They are corrosion-free and weigh lighter in comparison to clay tile roofs which mean that they don’t bear a heavyweight on the structure of your home. 

  • Shingle tile roof

The most important reason why shingle roof installation is considered is that it is very cost-effective. Though asphalt shingle roofs are not expected to last longer due to the weather of Florida, a properly installed shingle roof can have a life of almost 25 years or at least a minimum of 15 years. However, if you want something which will lie in your budget, this roof is the ultimate go-to option. It is very easy to install and takes very little time too. According to roofers near me, a lot of enhancements have been made to the construction of shingle roofs and very high-quality shingles which are thick and offer very high resistance. These roofs also need higher maintenance and are more vulnerable to damage and leakage. 

  • Copper roof 

As per many people living in Florida, a copper roof can be trusted as one of the best roofing materials. It is frequently used as decorative roofing looking more elegant for custom homes and other expensive buildings like government offices and hotels. Copper looks bright orange initially and then starts fading to a soft bluish-green hue over time. When installed in the right manner, a copper roof can last more than 50 years and can be resilient to the harsh climate of Florida. There are a lot of pros to copper roofing which include high durability, high resistance to fire, mold, rainstorms, and other natural occurrences.

 Similarly, copper has lighter weight compared to other roofing materials. This makes it easy to install and also has high affordability. Similar to other metallic roofing materials, copper provides high resistance to the sunlight and makes it an energy-efficient choice. Using a copper roof for your Florida home can keep it cool and snug. Your utility bills will also see a downfall. Considering the design, one can find different types of shapes, colours, textures, and styles with a copper roof. 

  • Slate tile roof 

According to roofers like the roofers near Durham, natural state tile has been used as a roofing material for a long time now. If you are looking for a durable roofing material for your Florida home, slate tile can be an option to consider. Similar to clay tiles, slate tiles enable lower airflow and weigh higher than the rest of the materials. Slate tiles are considered one of the best quality and highly durable roofing materials available in Florida. They can last for about 50 years to 100 years. 

They are a bit tricky to install and are fragile too. If you want to make your home look unique with remarkable elements of design, slate tile can provide you a lot of versatility. A lot of people love the appearance of the slate but are uncertain about the high maintenance that it needs. If that happens to be a concern for you, you can look for high-quality ceramic tiles or porcelain that can look similar to the outlook and feel offered by natural stone with low maintenance. 

  • Wooden roof

This type of roof is seen in many parts of Florida. The natural appearance of this material cannot be withstood and they are very appealing as well. Till the time you take proper care of them, the wooden roof can offer durability as high as 40 years. This material is also used as a reliable insulator for homeowners who want a moderate temperature in their homes. Wooden roofs are better than asphalt shingles for the winter season and are used for cooling in the intense extreme summers of Florida.

When wood on the structure of a home starts to look worn and eaten, a termite treatment may be in order to stop a termite infestation from causing a bigger problem says Don Brody of On The Fly Pest Solutions located in Maryland. You may also want to consider calling a pest control services company immediately to avoid more widespread damaged.

 These are just some of the advantages provided by the wooden roof as one of the most popular roofing materials used in Florida. They offer High resistance to severe storms and damage caused by saltwater. If installed properly, they can offer good resistance to strong winds too. Though the title might break in a hailstorm the wooden panels will remain as they are even in the extreme storms of Florida. 

Thus, these are some of the most reliable roofing options that can be availed in Florida. Each one of the options mentioned above can be trusted for the construction of the best roof for your Florida home. Many other options can be used for roofing your Florida home but the ones mentioned above are highly effective and perfect for the weather conditions of Florida.