Month: October 2023

Rebelling Against Norms: The Podcasts That Rogue IMC Champions for Rogue IMC

pros and cons rebellion

In the ever-evolving world of media, there are those who choose to follow the beaten path, while others prefer forging their own. Among the latter, Rogue IMC stands tall, consistently breaking the boundaries of conventional integrated marketing communication (IMC). Through their platform, they not only promote unorthodox marketing techniques but also champion podcasts that share …

Copilot by Microsoft: Shaping the Future of Administrative Tasks

Microsoft 365 Copilot A Game Changer in Office Efficiency

Microsoft is unveiling a groundbreaking addition to its suite of office apps, the Microsoft 365 Copilot. Developed in partnership with OpenAI and set to be accessible to all users starting from November 1st, this ChatGPT-style AI assistant promises to revolutionize the way we handle meetings, emails, and documents. Streamlining Meeting Summaries One of Copilot’s standout …