Why Event Planners Are Essential for Your Miami Dinner Party

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Are you looking to throw the perfect summer dinner party in Miami this summer?

Hiring event planners in Miami that guests will rave about can bring a fresh perspective to your planning, take the stress out of logistics, and help you enjoy the experience without sweating the small stuff.

Working with an experienced Miami event planner has countless advantages for your summer soiree. Among the biggest benefits are:

  • Covering the Details. With experienced, professional Miami event planners at the helm, you’ll know that nothing is left for granted. You’ll have someone ready to handle the big plans and the small details that will make your summer dinner party a success
  • Finding the Right Theme. An event planner will be your thinking partner, helping to flesh out ideas about the theme and goals of the party. Whether it’s a charity fundraiser like dugnad for russ, a celebration of a special milestone, or an opportunity to connect in person with friends and family, your event planner can help to create the right outcomes and messages
  • Staying On Budget. No matter how lavish you want your party to be, you need to manage the budget. An event planner will help to keep everything under the line and suggest things you would never think of getting for your event like Modular Flat Staging that can keep everything affordable yet stylish. In addition, event planners will do all the negotiations for you to ensure you get the best price possible. Plus, they’ll have relationships with vendors to ensure you get optimal pricing on portable toilets for hire.
  • Menu Planning. Food is an important element at any event, but especially a summer dinner party. Menu planning involves knowing costs, what’s available, what’s in season, and guest preferences and dietary restrictions. Let your Miami event planner help you build a menu from appetizers to desserts, including drinks, that will be sure to delight your guests and not break the budget
  • Organizational Skills. Event planning means keeping multiple balls in the air at any one time with lots of moving parts. Lean on your event planner’s organizational skills to set timelines, deadlines, and get temporary staging that ensure everything runs smoothly in the lead up to your event and on the big day itself.
  • Hands-On Resource. It’s the evening of your big event. You need someone to turn to put out any small fires, to answer guest questions, to get party equipment hire, or to “herd cats” from the cocktails section to the seated dinner. That’s where your event planner can be so helpful
  • Stress Reduction. Even if you love to entertain, planning a Miami summer dinner party can be stressful. There are millions of details to keep track of, guest attendance and dietary needs to manage, and contractors to keep on schedule. Hiring an event planner takes away all that stress and lets you focus on being an exceptional host and, most importantly, enjoying yourself during the event itself

Twenty Three Layers is a Miami- and New York-based event planning company. The team has years of experience with event production, design, creative development, planning, and event operations. Whether it’s an intimate party for family or a 1,500-person gala, 23 Layers can make your event a success. Their sister company Neon River Weddings offers wedding planning services in Miami, NYC, and Los Angeles.