Why Do You Need A Body Hair Trimmer For Men

Many more men are finding out how important it is to stay well-groomed. Not only do partners want it, but it can keep you looking good and feeling fresh. Without grooming, you can lose confidence in a hurry. However, keeping yourself groomed downstairs can be easier said than done. While you may think you’re a professional shaver because you do it daily for your face, it’s best not to attempt to do things the same way on your balls. There was a study in 2013 that showed between the years 2002 and 2010, the number of groin shaving mishaps that required emergency room visits increased five-fold [1]. The last thing you want to have to do is tell your date you are canceling your Saturday night plans from the emergency room while icing your balls. Luckily, brands are creating specially designed products to make male grooming easier and safer. That way, you can groom yourself without risking your marbles in the process. Here is why Balls is your go-to brand for all of your male grooming needs.

Why Not Just Use Your Beard Trimmer As Your Body Hair Trimmer For Men

The same reason you wouldn’t use your body washcloth for your face. You don’t want to trim your ball hair and then use that same trimmer for your face. Your gentile area isn’t the cleanest. Your ballsack has a lot of crevices for bacteria to hide. It’s also an area that is prone to excess moisture from perspiration. Therefore, it’s an environment where not only bacteria can thrive, but also fungus. You don’t want to spread anything you have in your groin area to your face and vice versa. It’s just not a good idea. Not to mention, your beard trimmer wasn’t designed to trim your balls.

Reasons To Go BALLS™ As Your Preferred Body Hair Trimmer For Men:

1. You Want a Body Hair Trimmer For Men Specially Designed For Your Junk

One of the main reasons to avoid using your facial trimmer for your balls has to do with the design of the product itself. To put it simply, it’s not designed for your coconuts. The skin on your scrotum is so unique and thin. You cannot use a razor or a beard trimmer that’s designed to remove hair from an area with much thicker and tougher skin. Balls have designed the perfect body trimmer for your balls. Their motto is “no snags on your bags” and the trimmer they’ve delivered lives up to the hype. The trimmer features precision ceramic blades to ensure the cuts are precise and accurate. It also features a 6,200 RPM motor that is optimally tuned to trim your groin hair without cutting anything else. Because the motor is designed with the perfect speed, it minimizes snags, nicks, and pulls. It’s also great because it’s something you can use in the shower. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in an uncomfortable position over the toilet or elsewhere just to avoid getting your pubic hair all over the floor. This can result in you putting yourself in poor positions increasing the likelihood you injure yourself while trimming. Being able to use the trimmer in the shower due to its waterproof design makes it much easier to trim in a comfortable and optimal position for a good shave.

2. Lotion

Not only do you need your junk to look good, but you want it to smell and feel good too. If you routinely shave your face, you’re likely well aware of how important it is to moisturize afterward. Your skin can get dry and irritated. By moisturizing your skin afterward, you can make your skin softer, reduce irritation, and more. You will notice the same thing after you shave your balls and groin area. The entire area is likely to get even more irritated than your face because the skin is thinner. This is why Balls has created a specially formulated lotion designed to level up your balls. They’ve created a balls lotion that not only moisturizes but also cleans and deodorizes them. This can help you feel much more confident when it comes time to get down with your significant other.

3. Money Back Guarantee

You can count on a brand that is willing and able to offer any kind of money-back guarantee. Balls.co, as a brand, is so confident they provide the best body hair trimmer for men and other essential male grooming products that they offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can be confident you are getting the highest quality products in the marketplace at highly competitive prices.

The Bottom Line

If you want to protect your male purse, you want the highest quality trimmer specially designed to protect it. That’s exactly what you are getting with the Balls body hair trimmer for men. You’re getting the ultimate package for your most precious package. If you’re ready to upgrade your grooming game, it’s time to hop on the Balls train.