Get Help for COVID-19 Depression without Visiting the Office

Are you looking for a better way to get mental health help? The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has killed over one million people and brought about new public health protocols, including quarantine, curfews, and slower global movement. 

For many individuals, the fear of being infected or bothered with the coronavirus is enough to keep them away from a doctor’s office. For others, the restrictions alone have made it difficult for people to access proper medical care. 

COVID and healthcare seem to be affecting one another in more than one way. Not only has COVID made it difficult to receive healthcare, but it has also increased the need for mental healthcare making medical marijuana supplements like these Delta-8 THC gummies more need day by day to deal with stress and anxiety.

The disease has directly affected individuals and their families, and indirectly affected financial security, housing, unemployment, and social isolation. These problems have led to a sharp increase in emotional and psychological challenges worldwide. 

According to a survey by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 also has disrupted mental health services in most countries. About 93% of the countries globally have been prevented from receiving critical mental health services due to social distancing regulations.

Fortunately, telemedicine has stepped in to make healthcare more accessible. Telehealth is a fantastic new way to receive help for anxiety, COVID-related depression, and other mental health struggles. HIPAA compliant texting is also becoming more mainstream, making it easier than ever for patients to get a quick mental health boost from home.

Telehealth- You Don’t Have To Leave Your Home

Do you need help with depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, or grief? Is your emotional health causing you sleepless nights? We recommend checking out the effects of CBD and find out how implementing this medicine in your life is going to benefit your health.

With telemedicine, you can meet with a licensed, accredited and experienced counselor over the phone or online. You can read more about it here. It is now possible to:

  • Complete therapy visits from the comfort of your home
  • Check-in with your doctor without visiting the office
  • Get your prescriptions delivered to your home after a telemedicine appointment. This may involve a visit to the CBD store for some calming CBD supplements.
  • Chat with a therapist via HIPAA compliant texting which enables you to chat with your therapist with strict security.

You can receive the same customized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program in your own home that you would get in your doctor’s or counselor’s office. You should be able to get mental health help anywhere, anytime — and with telemedicine, you can!

Where To Go When You Need Help

Do you feel like the overwhelming changes with COVID-19 have caused you stress and anxiety beyond anything you have ever experienced? Perhaps you feel depressed due to world events, or are simply having trouble accessing a healthcare provider under the current circumstances.

So where do you start if you want some help with managing depression and feeling like yourself again? 

First and foremost, find a physician or counselor who offers telemedicine. You can also try out the following telehealth platforms.

  1. Better Help

BetterHelp is the largest existing e-counseling platform. Their mission is to make professional counseling affordable, accessible, and convenient. BetterHelp ensures that every patient gets the same professionalism and quality expected from an in-office counselor. Patients are also matched to the best counselor based on their personal needs and preferences. 

  1. Care Predict

Care Predict is geared towards middle-aged and older patients. Research has shown that the older population is more vulnerable to the pandemic. It is essential to treat depression as soon as possible, because mental health is certainly linked to immunity and overall physical health. Care Predict notices small changes in seniors that can indicate severe issues before they happen. Care Predict protects the middle-aged and elder generations in isolation.

  1. Get Cerebral

Have you heard of Get Cerebral? It is one of the best online providers that offers help for anxiety and depression. Its licensed prescribing providers are experts in helping patients get the best medication for their specific needs. They believe that everyone deserves access to personalized, non-judgemental healthcare.

  1. Learn To Live 

Do you feel isolated? Or does social anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, or substance use seem to have control over your life? Learn To Live offers online therapy programs for stress, depression and social anxiety based on the tried-and-true principles of CBT.

  1. Lemonaid Health

This is another online team of mental health experts. These counselors provide not only the initial counseling and treatment, but will also help you determine how long you should continue treatment based on your unique situation. Their services allow patients to have many check-ins through messaging, phone call, or video chat. Lemonaid pharmacy will also deliver FDA-approved meds directly to your door in only 2-3 business days. 

  1. Prairie Health

Prairie can help you get the best possible care aided by genetic testing and expert support. Their methods are lasting ways to overcome your anxiety and depression. Their services include genetic testing, online psychiatrist visits, care partner counseling, and text-based support. 

There’s no need to wrestle with depression in silence. It is easier than ever to access medical services online.