Car Accident Facts You Need To Know About

Every single car accident is an experience that is traumatizing. You can be faced with serious injuries and emotional trouble that will last for a really long time. Unfortunately, car accidents are shocking events that you need to deal with in an appropriate way. In order to be aware of what you are faced with, here are some important facts you should know about car accidents from experienced car accident lawyers Springfield.

Numerous Accidents Involve Alcohol

It is very hard to determine how many car accidents are caused due to alcohol. However, according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), in the year 2017, out of all the traffic fatalities in the US alone, 31% did involve alcohol-impaired drivers. This sums up to around 10,000 fatalities caused by drivers with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) that was over .08.

Car Accidents Are More Common Close To Your Home

One thing that might surprise you is that most car accidents actually happen really close to the residence of the driver. This practically means around 25 miles from the home of the person. It is something that you do need to remember since it practically means that you can become more careless as you are closer to your home.

Distracted Driving Is Dangerous

Thousands of accidents happen every single year because of distracted driving. We know that in 2017, 3,328 individuals ended up being dealt in car crashes that did involve distracted drivers. A very common distracted driving type is using handheld mobile devices and texting while you drive.

Rollover Crashes Are Highly Deadly

If your priority is safety and you want to choose a vehicle that is safe, a thing that you should take into account at all times is that rollover crashes are among the most deadly. This is due to the fact that the number of occupant ejections is higher, with head injuries being really common in rollover crashes. Based on official statistics, rollover crash deaths account for over 30% of the motor vehicle fatalities.

Men Are More Likely To Cause Car Accidents Than Women

There are countless data sources that show us the fact that men are involved in more accidents than women. Howard University, as an example, studied Washington D.C. car accidents over a period of 2 years. It was shown that men were driving vehicles in around 65% of all the car accidents.

People Die In Car Accidents More Often Than You Think

The NHTSA showed us that there is a person that dies in a US car accident every quarter of an hour or so. Around 100 people die every single day. This statistic is hard to ignore. It shows us that it is really important that we are careful as we drive. Most likely, the most important thing that we need to remember about driving is that being cautious is something that you have to do. Take the time that is needed to go through the safe driving classes, even if they are not obligatory.