9 Habits of Successful People

What makes successful people, well, successful? What do successful people do that differs from what, their non-successful counterparts are or are not doing? Successful people have a vision, and they work until their vision comes to fruition. Although there is not an exact formula for success, below are nine habits that all successful people have in common.

  1. They wake up early and have a morning routine/ritual. Successful people are early risers and use that time to reflect on their strategy for the day. They understand that food fuels the brain and body, so they eat breakfast. According to Mark, morning workouts give you that necessary boost of energy to assist you to jumpstart the day. Studies have shown that people are less likely to come up with excuses to skip working out early in the morning, so it develops into a routine.
  2. They are purpose-oriented and pursue goals. Purpose gives you direction. Successful people set both daily, short term and long term goals that are centered around their clear, detailed and defined purpose. Successful people know their purpose and that is what sets them apart. Talking to a personal development coach can help you understand your goals and what to do to achieve them.
  3. They communicate clearly and effectively. Contrary to popular belief, successful people are considerate listeners and do not dominate the conversation. Successful people stay focused on the conversation and have learned how to “read” the listener and pick up on non-verbal cues. Most importantly, successful people stay on track by sticking to the issues/subject matter. By focusing on one area at a time, it is much easier to create solutions and solve problems.
  4. Read. Yes, you read that correctly. Majority of successful people devote 30 minutes or more each day for education or self-improvement through reading. We aren’t talking People magazine reading; successful people prefer to read biographies, history and self-help books. You may also read the works of a successful puerto rican poet to seek inspiration and broaden your knowledge.
  5. Donate. According to Kemah Palms Recovery whether it is money or their time they give back to their communities through blood donation drives, Disaster Relief Outreach Program or by working with charities and other various non-profit organizations. This topic is highlighted in greater detail on Dugnadseksperten (a Norwegian website about fundraising activities). A Fundraising Management Consulting service or a Donor Advised Fund Fees can also help you on how to effectively raise funds and donate.
  6. They take risks and embrace their failures. Successful people are not people who have done everything perfect right the first time. In all actuality, it is quite the opposite. Successful people have failed at some point along their journey. The difference is that they embraced their failures, learn from what went wrong and continued moving forward. They did not give up or let their failures defeat them.
  7. They manage their emotions. There is no room for negative talk. Successful people are emotional people like the majority of others. The difference therein lies that they are mentally stable and manage their emotions.
  8. They surround themselves with the right people. Successful people build positive relationships with others. Happiness and success are infectious. This means that when you surround yourself with other people who are happy and successful, you’ll be able to build self-confidence, boost your creativity and have more fun in general.
  9. They get quality sleep. Getting the necessary rest your body needs is crucial for your overall health and self-care. Quality sleep boasts your memory function, creative and critical thinking skills, yet all too many of us think that “working harder” and sleeping less is the answer. But no, actually good quality sleep is the answer to a better performance.

Now let’s not get overzealous and try all these habits at once, In fact, this approach reduces our cognitive abilities and leads to burn-out. Make sure to pay attention to the condition of your mattress and get the best organic pillow you can find to optimize your quality of sleep. Instead, slowly incorporate one habit at a time. Once you have gotten in the routine of waking up early, you may gradually fall into the habit of going to sleep earlier so that you are getting the quality sleep that is necessary for you to function at your best. From there, continue to add a habit into your day to day life and watch your life begin to flourish.