15 People On What Made Them ‘Break Up’ With A Friend

  1. “She was the most vapid and materialistic person I’ve ever met. And I was (embarrassingly) that same way too, but eventually realized it was a horrible way to live and to be and I grew out of it. She never did. She’s probably off somewhere spending $5,000 on a bag to make her feel something.”

–Jodi, 24

  1. “She always wanted me to be happy for her and her accomplishments and good news. But the minute something good happened to me, I could feel the jealous vibes coming off of her and she could barely look me in the eye or say congratulations. So I kind of just let the relationship fizzle out and I don’t miss her one bit.”

–Alexandra, 25

  1. “He was a kleptomaniac. At first it was funny, and then it got out of hand and he said some really crappy things when I tried to help him. I wasn’t about to get sucked into all that.”

–Geoffrey, 22

  1. “I just realized after college that we had nothing in common anymore. He still wanted to do the crazy, partying, blackout drunk stage and eventually I had to be like, ‘Dude, we’re 27.’ He was exhausting.”

–Annie, 27

  1. “She couldn’t take responsibility for anything. Her mistakes, her actions, her life in general. You can’t be an adult and be friends with someone like that.”

–Cory, 26

  1. “He was just too, too, too obsessed with money. It was toxic to spend time with him. And it just made me feel drained and sad for him afterwards.”

–Michael, 29

  1. “Basically she was a psycho. Paranoid, self-involved, narcissistic. Being friends with her didn’t add anything to my life, it honestly just gave me anxiety, constant anxiety. Everything is way better now that I’m not spending time with her.”

–Tina, 24

  1. “All of the time we spent together, every dinner or happy hour or whatever, she spent the entire time gossiping and bashing other people. It was clearly coming from a place of deep insecurity and unhappiness. But when I brought it up (as kindly as possible) she flipped a shit and hasn’t spoken to me since. So I guess she broke up with me. I think I’ll be fine.”

–Maggie, 28

  1. “He was a 19-year-old college kid living in a 30-year-old’s body. We’re all like that for a while but everyone is supposed to grow up at some point.”

–Roy, 31

  1. “She’s been in love with my boyfriend since day one. Went behind my back two different times trying to tell him I was bad for him and said she only did it because she ‘cared about him and his happiness.’ Said I was jealous and controlling. I’ve been nothing but a supportive and loving girlfriend to him (which he told her), and nothing but a supportive and loving friend to her. He told me right away and I called her up and told her to never contact us again, then I blocked her on everything. He did the same thing, all on his own thank you very much.”

–Cherie, 22

  1. “He was really shitty towards women, especially women he was dating or hooking up with. I tolerated it for a while (and shouldn’t have) but the last straw was when he screwed over one of my good friends. Haven’t gone near him since and he knows why.”

–Symon, 28

  1. “We roomed together for one year and it completely ruined the friendship. Too many fights, too many hurtful things that we both said. That was three years ago and we never came back from it. It was both our faults.”

–Whitey, 26

  1. “He was so insecure that in order to combat it, he had to constantly tell you how great he was and how many people loved him. Which was annoying, but I could put up with it. Until it got so bad that he started putting me down on top of it all. I never ‘broke up’ with him or whatever I just stopped hanging out with him. He’s so into himself I don’t even know if he knows we’re not friends anymore.”

–Marc, 24

  1. “It was actually religion. He was a hard-core Christian, which was fine with me, do whatever you want. But he got so pushy with it towards me (not a practicing member of anything) to the point where he was aggressive and douchey and the opposite of what I assume a Christian should be. Didn’t need that in my life.”

–Leigh, 26

  1. “Every time I hung out with her I came home feeling worse about myself. And she knew it, and made it worse, because it made her feel better. So I just started hanging out with different people and I’m way happier now.”

–Shawna, 23

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