Offline Music Streaming Alternatives: Why Youtube to MP3 Converters are the Best

Music is all around us, and with so many streaming service options, it is easier than ever to hear the songs you love whenever you want. But what if you aren’t in an area that has a wireless connection available? Looking for a youtube downloader mp3?

Well, then your only option is to go offline. There are analog options, like playing your Horror Vinyl Collections or other records, but digital options are available. Some services will offer the ability to pick whatever you want to hear, but they aren’t free. 

Others might not cost you anything, but they won’t let you choose the exact songs you would like to hear, which could be frustrating. So, what is the best option then? For reviews of the best headphones available in the market, visit

Youtube to MP3 converters offers the best of both worlds by giving you a free service that lets you pick the exact song you want to listen to. However, we wanted to take a closer look at each of the options and find out what the pros and cons are of each choice. 


This service can be used online through the computer, or on the app for your phone to stream your favorite songs as well the best albums 2020. However, the free option is not available for offline listening and will require an internet connection, so the only way to use the offline version is to purchase the premium option. 

With Spotify Premium you can skip songs as much as you want and get to listen offline whenever you want. The cost is around $10 a month and is payable through a monthly subscription. 

This is not the free option that you’re looking for, and if it’s not in your budget to add a monthly subscription to your existing bills, then this won’t be the best choice. 

Youtube Premium 

This streaming service is versatile and gives you the chance to watch movies, tv shows, and listen to music all on one platform. As an option that comes without ads, that is a major plus for many customers. If additionally to this you buy an 85” tv you will feel that you are at the movie theater watching your favorite tv shows.

However, again, it isn’t free. This also involves a monthly cost that must be paid to continue using the service. Also, because Youtube as a platform is not dedicated solely to music like the others, you don’t get the same experience. 

Youtube Music is a part of the app itself and is fairly good, but compared to services that are made for music, it’s just not the best.  

Youtube to MP3 Converters 

Unlike the two previous choices, converting Youtube videos to MP3 files is completely free. You don’t pay for the conversion or the download, and you get to choose the exact songs you want. Also, all of the songs that you convert will be playable offline whenever you want.

You can have them downloaded to multiple devices so you’ll always have your music with you at all times, and you have a large selection of songs to choose from. 

Because you are not streaming the music live, and instead of downloading the song to use offline, you can listen whenever you want. This makes it the best alternative to online streaming services.