Doe Deere Puts Her Heart And Soul Into All Of Her Fashionable Creations

Doe Deere has a long career as a business owner in the cosmetic and fashion industries. She is a businesswoman who has the capacity to make things happen. Doe started her first fashion company in New York City and has since built upon her successes. She is probably best known for widely-acclaimed cosmetic company named Lime Crime. She founded the company, and it grew to global proportions with Doe in the position of Chief Executive Officer. Doe is also the founder of a new fashion jewelry company named Poppy Angeloff, which sells jewelry like a 7 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, wedding bands, and much more. Know more about fashion jewelry at You may also want to visit for elegant jewelry options.

Doe was born in 1989. She is a European immigrant, and her family moved to the US during her school years. Doe, whose real name is Xenia Vorotova, is Russian-American. Her family settled in New York. Doe Deere is an entrepreneur with a love for fashion. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, and soon after she began selling her own line of jeans and started sell old gold jewellery Adelaide. Doe came from rather humble beginnings, and the budget for the start-up was very tight at the time. Doe created her fashions, she was the sole model, and she sold the line on eBay. She recently sold a majority ownership of her successful cosmetic company.

It came as a surprise to many people when Doe sold a majority share of Lime Crime. The company sells cosmetics, hair color, nail polishes, and more. The products are creatively developed with a splash of intense colors that are bright, bold, and beautiful. It is apparent that are a reflection of Doe herself in terms of personality and individuality. Lime Crime was recently sold to Tengram Capital Partners. Doe has spoken publicly as to what role she will continue to play in the company.

Over the years, Doe Deere has acquired many loyal customers and fans. She has reached out to them to explain what her future with Lime Crime will entail. Doe is on the Board of Directors, and she is still very involved at the company. She will work to ensure that the same high quality of the products are maintained. The entire line is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and it will remain that way. The same commitment to boldness and creative thinking will continue under the new ownership. If you are searching for that trendy prom style, check out Peaches Boutique navy blue prom dress collection.

Doe looks forward to her continuing role in contributing to the development of new products for Lime Crime. The company took on a special meaning to its customers while under Doe’s leadership. It was a feeling of personal empowerment that was felt by so many of her “unicorns”. That is the word that Doe called her tens of thousands of customers. They would have regular communication on social media about a variety of topics. Doe plans to continue interacting with everyone on social media. The management of the new owner will take over the day-to-day operations of the company. The new CEO at Lime Crime is Stacy Panagakis. She and Doe have met several times, and Doe is confident of the company’s continued success under Stacy’s dedicated leadership. Doe told the customers that her heart and soul remain at Lime Crime.

Doe Deere is excited about her new venture into fashion jewelry at Poppy Angeloff. She has great things in store for her customers such as this herringbone necklace from Adina’s Jewels. Keep updated with Doe Deere if you want to keep up with the fashion trends.

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