Mesa Rehabilitation Center Extends Support Across Region

Originating from Chicago, Footprints to Recovery will be a new, 24 hour a day, addiction treatment center set to open in Mesa, Arizona. The center has acquired its licence to open locations in four other states, with Arizona being the most recent. The official grand opening is scheduled for June 13.

Anyone that is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will benefit by going to rehab. Those who have suffered from addiction know how hard it can be to overcome it alone, and the healing environment of rehabilitation offers the support needed to make a successful recovery. Rehab includes individualized treatment plans to help patients identify and overcome the underlying issues that started their addiction as seen at Renaissance Recovery center. While the main priority of a rehab facility is to help patients overcome addiction, there is an abundance of other benefits of rehab as well. The main difference between Honey Lake Clinic and other alcoholism treatment programs is that christian alcoholism treatment infuses christian morals and philosophies into the program, leading patients to rely upon the teachings of Jesus Christ to help them move forward in their lives without alcohol. In addition to conquering one’s addiction, those attending addiction treatment will also learn the necessary tools for building a productive, healthy, and happy life. Read More Here.

Another significant benefit of an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program for Men is the fact that patients will be in a safe and supportive environment surrounded by people who understand exactly what each other are going through, to find something like this check out this company. Peer support is a primary aspect of treatment and is absolutely necessary to maintain long-term sobriety.

Elliot Wolbrom, the chief marketing officer at Footprints to Recovery, has expressed his content with the program thus far. “We’ve been operational for just one week and have been privileged to provide completed detox treatment to nearly a dozen clients with more currently being treated and new clients being admitted,” he said.

Wolbrom noted that the center will be the largest and most up to date substance abuse treatment establishment in Mesa, and mentions plans for the future. “Footprints to Recovery continues its national expansion and we will soon be opening new treatment centers with multiple levels of care in Colorado, Massachusetts and elsewhere,” he concluded.

Wolbrom explained the process of selecting a location for a new center and which markets to target. “Our world-class clinicians study our clientele and seek out markets and locations where their advanced expertise would most benefit (and speak to) those in need,” he said. “Additionally, we look at national, state and local substance abuse and overdose data in an effort to bring our clinical expertise to a particular area where our care can be most impactful.” IF you would like to recover from drug addiction, visit this website and get the help that you need to overcome this situation.

The center is affiliated with medical and law enforcement professionals as well as members of the community to better deliver effective substance abuse treatment for the community. With this california addiction treatment you will be able to find programs will help you find sobriety.

This location is approximately twelve thousand square feet and offers over two dozen beds in both private and semi-private rooms, round-the-clock medical care and transportation, one-on-one counseling with a licensed therapist and attentive medical staff.

Treatment plans at Oakvine in Austin are individually designed based on a patient’s needs, offering medical detox and alternative forms of treatment.

Wolbrom empathizes that detox is one of their primary goals while providing a clean, safe, medically advanced and therapeutic setting for clients, to learn about other medical treatments to cure addiction, her comment is here. This  encourages long-term recovery. “Our goals remain the same regardless of level of care and regardless of location,” Wolbrom said. “Our objective, under the powerful leadership of our CEO, Hirsch Chinn, is simple: positively impact the crippling substance abuse statistics in the country, especially for those that are 18-35, by creating a movement where we place world-class clinical care and an outstanding client experience from start to finish.”