How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Losing Weight.

Have you ever considered exercising and eating healthy? You searched for many diets, looked for diet results, and started planning your weight loss journey, but you decided that Monday is ideal for new beginnings. But, when Monday comes, you give up and decide that the first day of the month is excellent for you to start eating healthy. Giving up continues, and instead of losing weight, you begin to gain it. Nobody judges you for procrastinating. After all, we are humans; we tend to put off something difficult, stressful, and unpleasant for us. But procrastinating can drive you away from your goals and make it even harder to achieve them later so don’t wait any longer and get help from a personal Macro Coach if you have a hard time dieting. However, not everyone procrastinates, it can be difficult for some and especially if someone has trouble eating right, but depending on the reasons for that it can be solved with the right eating disorder treatment.

Why do we procrastinate?

The connection between what we have to do and destructive emotions we relate it to.

We don’t procrastinate on things we find fun and interesting, on things that bring us joy and happiness. Like it’s already mentioned, we procrastinate on things that we find unpleasant. If we relate anxiety with some task, we will tend to postpone doing that task. Learn more about the importance of screen glasses on medical procedures for the patients and doctor’s safety.

Low self-esteem. 

Having a negative opinion about yourself won’t help you lose weight. Don’t stand in front of a mirror talking bad about your body, and don’t say how weight loss is hard and that you can’t do it. Because, with that attitude, you will never be able to start a weight loss journey. You have to believe in yourself and build self-esteem.


The essential thing for weight loss is willpower. We have to have a strong motive to lose weight, which will lead us to our goal. Willpower is a key to the consistency and productivity of our healthy lifestyle. If you noticed that your willpower is decreased lately, there are few things you can do to strengthen it:

  • Increase your sleep.

If you don’t sleep enough, it will be harder to keep up with your weight loss plan. You have to get at least 8 hours of sleep to feel rested.  If you will like to learn about some other proved methods, check this blog post about the ferber sleep method and how can it help you.

  • Decrease your exercise intensity level

For a few days, make your exercise easier, so your body can rest. Allow your brain and body to relax and reset. Finding a well-made protein powder can also help accelerate your weight loss and make you feel more energetic.

  • Remind yourself of your goals.

Look where you started, where you are now, and how far away you are from reaching your goal. 

How to stop procrastinating?

  1. Change the task.

If your goal is to follow a keto diet, and somehow you can’t start eating by keto rules. If you are beginning and quitting repeatedly, and every time you have to start again, you need to postpone it. Maybe it’s time for you to change the task you gave to yourself. Start some other diet you can stick to and be consistent. 

  1. Change the way you approach your task.

Following a low-calorie weight loss program will help you lose weight, but it will be hard to follow that program if the daily calorie intake is too low. You will probably end up quitting your diet, and after some time, you will decide to try again. But, this time, it will be a lot harder to start. Changing the approach here means that you have to create a diet that will satisfy your nutritional needs.  

  1. Visualize.

Imagine how you would feel and look when you achieve your goal; this will help you stay motivated.

  1. Get started.

The first steps are the hardest. But you have to start from somewhere. The sooner you being, the sooner you will be able to see results.  If you suspect you have a binge-eating disorder, the Monte Nido eating disorder treatment program for all genders near San Francisco may help.

Final thoughts.

Do you have a feeling of being stuck in a vicious circle of procrastinating? You are planning but never starting a weight loss journey, and results are nowhere to be seen, to get a bit of a little extra help you can consider looking into Vibrant Rejuvenation – Body Contouring for some incredible results. Get in touch with Better Weigh Medical Weight Loss Center; they will make sure you get a good weight loss program that you will be happy to start following.