Breaking into the Film Industry: Beginner Tips for Future Filmmakers

Is there anything more entertaining than sitting down to watch a great movie? Making one, of course! The entertainment industry is as big and popular as it has ever been. Despite the majority of films being produced in Los Angeles, the internet has created the opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to make their dream film. Of course, breaking into the film industry is a little bit harder than grabbing a camera and a few local actors. Whether you want to become an actor, a producer, or just an all-around movie making guru, you are going to need a little bit of help. Today, we are going to outline several key ways you can jumpstart your filmmaking career.

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1) Find a Specialization – Creating a movie will require a massive crew, a cast of actors, Screenplay Coverage Services, and financing. Within those categories, the average feature film can employ anywhere from 10 to 50 people! As you can see, there are plenty of routes that you can take within the film industry. To enhance your chances of success, find an area that you are passionate in so that you can begin focusing on that talent. If you want to direct, focus on learning how to direct. If you want to act, start taking classes at Working behind the camera as part of the production crew is also a great way to start. You can experiment on different cameras and familiarize yourself with the equipment used in filmmaking. There are free luts you can use to test and develop your skills in photography and in making short films.

2) Spend Time on Set – The easiest way to break into the film industry is by getting onset in any way that is possible. If you know of a local film production that needs interns, go intern. If they need an extra, go work as an extra! Filmmaking is such an odd and closed-off industry, that an aspiring professional should get on set whenever they can, for whatever reason that they can. While you are on set, pay close attention to how everything works.

3) Network, Network, Network – You aren’t going to succeed in the film industry unless you know someone. Preferably, you’ll know a lot of people, and they’ll all be ready to vouch for your skills. How do you create a network of filmmaking professionals? Simple, you work as often as you can, you attend events and premiers, and you do it all with a smile. Become the person that everyone loves to work with, and you’ll soon find yourself getting more opportunities than ever.

4) Go To Film School – Quentin Tarantino didn’t graduate from film school and he still made it big. Does this mean that everyone should skip film school? Well, not really. Film school is the best way in the world to network with the Quentin Tarantino’s of tomorrow. Going to film school will put you in a position to succeed that simply will not be accessible to you as an outsider. Most of all, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the trade while at school. People can tell the difference between an educated professional on set and someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

Breaking into the film industry is really, really hard. You may also need to study also about entertainment law. However, when you finally make it on set, you’ll feel like you were rewarded for all of your efforts. Take our tips to heart as you begin pursuing your film career. Stay patient and motivated!