Julie Wainwright Changes the the World of Online Shopping in RealReal

RealReal was founded not more than a decade ago by Julie Wainwright. The startup is an online venture that deals exclusively with the sales of luxurious commodities. Due to the rise of selling unauthentic products in the sector, Julie Wainwright decided to start RealReal that would sell certified and authentic online products to their clients. The company has aimed in preventing fake commodity sales to clients. Despite there being many online outlets, RealReal has been dedicated to improving consumerism as well as the negative remarks that online businesses that have been receiving.

To improve on their services, the RealReal has developed binders that help clients identify the products. All the company’s employees have embraced the journey to fighting fake products as they continuously hold fake product identification contests. Upon detection, the winners gain different prizes. Not only does RealReal fight counterfeit goods, but also control their business inventory thus facilitating their growth. Importantly, the company has learned to uphold business integrity. For instance, the company returned a piece of expensive jewelry that was left on a client’s bag by mistake. The products in RealReal are also delivered by urgent courier Perth services within the shortest time possible thus reducing the backlog.

Additionally, RealReal has helped in changing the lives of many people. This has been achieved through the ability of the consumers to resell their products once they are tired of them. They do not sell just any products, but ones which will meet the demands of the market. Such products include high-end products with the high value from big companies. Although the company has stood up in fighting the sale of counterfeit products, Other companies have embraced these efforts through investing in the company. Today, the company have made thousands of sales of reused authentic products to different clients. Julie Wainwright leadership has seen the company maximize its profits through unique customer services.