Winter Birthday Gift Ideas

It’s fair to argue that winter babies get the short end of the stick, especially if they have a birthday that’s either right before or right after Christmas. Winter birthdays do have their defenders, but it can be harder to think of a gift for someone when you’re trapped indoors most of the time. There are options, though. Personally, I love sitting on a patio and sipping drinks and smoking cigars, so I like to gift my favorite, drew estate cigars. That way a few of us get to go outside for a little while during those family reunions. We get to catch some air, talk about stuff a bit more interesting to us, and recharge our batteries before getting back in there. 

Regardless of what you decide to get, make sure you give them a gift that they’ll cherish. For example, if the recipient of the gift is a collector of Texas-themed memorabilia and wildlife, you may want to spoil them with some texas Themed Gifts or some collectable western wildlife figurines. On the other hand, if the recipient of the gift is a calendar collector, it’s a great idea to surprise them with custom imprinted wall calendars. Here are three ideas for loved ones with winter birthdays.

Colorful clothing

A lot of people gravitate towards darker colors in winter. That’s partly because it blends in well with the dark, gloomy surroundings, but also because dark colors absorb heat better, and when it’s below freezing, you want all the warmth you can get. In a way, that makes buying clothes and Athletic Crew Socks for a friend easier in winter, because you already know they probably have plenty of dark, subdued clothes in their closet. That frees you up to go looking for a bright, cheery piece of girls activewear.

It can be something as small as a bright, multi-colored scarf, especially if you don’t have a huge budget to work with around the time of your friend’s birthday. But if you have a little extra money and really think you know what styles they do and don’t like, go all out and buy them a yellow dress that can be adapted for cold weather wear. If it’s a short-sleeved frock, all they have to do is add a cardigan or something similar to cover their arms. You can find one by visiting Filly Flair today. When you buy someone brightly colored clothes in the dead of winter, you’re reminding them that no winter can last forever, even if it feels like that sometimes. If you’re looking for more options, then visit this site.

Customized coffee

It really isn’t winter until you make the complete transition from drinking iced lattes to drinking hot lattes. If you know your friend has a particular coffee shop they love, you can get them a gift card to that shop for their birthday. That’s a nice last-minute gift, but if you have the time and energy to put a little more thought into it, your friend will notice and appreciate you even more.

Do some research and find a coffee subscription that lines up perfectly with a cup of colombian whole bean coffee your friend prefers. There are coffee subscription clubs for every personality out there, regardless of if your friend prefers a light roast that’s heavily flavored or a roast that’s so dark it reminds you of the winter solstice. Unless you’re sure that your friend will love your selections, you should stick with a relatively short subscription plan, like three months. If they love it, they can renew the plan once spring arrives.

A cozy book

Buying books for your friends is an art rather than a science. Generally speaking, you should only buy a book for someone you’ve known a while. If they like reading romance novels, here is a list of some of the best ones. If they mention they have a new favorite author, then that’s even better, especially if that author has a long backlist that your friend has barely touched.

That said, you should avoid giving your friend a book that makes it seem like they have some sort of personal problem they need to address. If you think your friend has a drinking issue, you need to talk to them about it rather than buy them a self-help book about alcoholism. A book shouldn’t make them feel judged. If you really love a self-help book, you can tell them, “I really love this self-help book” and let them decide whether or not to buy it on their own. The book you buy for them should be a title that they’ll want to curl up with on a snowy day when there’s nothing to do but stay in the house and hug the heater.