Here’s How Sexual Fantasies Differ Between Men and Women

In 2011, a raunchy romance novel by British author EL James, involving dominance / submission partnerships, sadism and masochism, along with other sexual practices, managed to attract over 100 million readers, many of them women.

When the movie of the same name was released in 2015, it became an immediate box office success. The novel and the movie we are talking about is Fifty Shades of Grey, which earned over $571 million worldwide, breaking numerous box office records.

There has to a reason that why despite receiving generally negative reviews, the movie became the talk of the town. It was because Fifty Shades of Grey plays into popular sexual fantasies. What made it more interesting was the fact that the movie was directed by a woman, based on a book also written by a woman.

Almost everyone has had at least one sexual fantasy during their lifetime, although this was the first time that their innermost desires were translated into a bestselling book and then a movie so if you also have a sex fantasy and need people to do it you could use this free local sex app for this purpose. Men and women have started to open up about their sexual fantasies to their partners, while men are looking towards sexual enhancement pills to improve sexual performance and turn the fantasies into reality, says Men’s Health Digest, a site known for its unbiased reviews for top sex pills for stronger & longer erections, such as VigRX Plus & Longinexx.

Difference Between Men and Women

When it comes to fantasizing about dominance and submission, a huge difference is seen between the sexes. In contract to women, who seem to fantasize more about being submissive than dominant, men seem to enjoy being submissive and dominant equally. Men also appear more ruthless compared to women in their fantasies. Studies have revealed that having threesomes or foursomes is the most common sexual fantasy among men. 

However, there is one thing that is for sure, most of the women that have tried sex toys they become addicted to vibrator because of the intense pleasure that they received when using it.

Women’s Fantasies: More Romantic and Emotional

Ask any woman about their sexual fantasy and you will also get a detailed description of the setting of their sexual encounter. When women fantasize, they are very clear about where they wish to have sex and with whom. If they fantasize about cheating on their partner, they’d know with whom they want to cheat with. Even if they want to experiment with their sex life, they’d know whether to choose the stairs or the kitchen countertop for the next sexual encounter. Women also like to use the best sex pillow to be comfortable with different sex positions that are difficult to achieve. They’d also know how they’d want to build up to the final act of sex. Even when they agree to roleplay, the aim is to make their partner happy.

Men’s Fantasies: More Sexually Explicit

It has been found that most sexual fantasies of men are highly focused on the sexual act itself. When asked, they do not hesitate to be extremely vocal about their desires, while mentioning the use of specific body parts in the sexual act. It doesn’t matter if they are in a dark alley, public bathroom or movie theater, the main aim is the thrill of not getting caught.

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