A Look at New Trends in Email Marketing for 2018 from DatabaseUSA.com®

Though email marketing is hardly a new concept, it is not one that has become stale either. As the world changes and technology improves, new trends have emerged for 2018 that are expected to continue into 2019 and beyond. Here’s some useful information on email automation benefits from the experts at DatabaseUSA.com®.

Based on the idea of pinning tweets to the top of one’s Twitter page, one of the newest trends in email marketing is the addition of sticky content. This includes little tidbits that keep an email interesting, such as instructional how to’s, tips and tricks, and even recipes. One example of this is the way that REI provides its email list customers with information about nearby hiking trails and other places for fun physical activity. This strategy has proven to be effective in retaining email marketing list members. It seems members are less likely to unsubscribe if they are getting some extra information. There has been a noticeable improvement in the relationship between customers and businesses since sticky content was incorporated. You could also buy quality backlinks to better market your business.

Aside from using sticky content to further engage with users, many email marketing campaigns are becoming more interactive on a personal level. At the height of artificial intelligence, email marketing is getting quite a boost. Experiments are already underway to incorporate plug-and-play applications.

Artificial intelligence is well on its way to making every email feel like a face-to-face interaction. By gathering data about their users, businesses can use email marketing to create a personal experience for each member on their list. This leads to a connection between businesses and their customers that reaches depths never before reached. The emotion this stirs up in customers keeps them connected to the businesses they subscribe to.

Kinetic emails are another way in which businesses can better engage with their customers. This style of email gives recipients the feel of an actual website. They are just as interactive as any effective website would be, motivating customers to actually open and engage with their emails. Using tools such as image carousels and hotspots, as well as convenient hover buttons, not only keeps users engaged, but gets them excited about receiving future emails. A few major brands that have already started using kinetic emails are Burberry and Taco Bell.

Email lists also benefit from the new trend of personalization across various channels. What this means is that customers can order customized merchandise from a business through emails sent to them. This avoids customers having to load a brand’s website to complete their order. Coca Cola and Converse are already allowing its email recipients to do this. Provided that even larger brands adopt the idea as well, it could revolutionize the way customers buy personalized products in the future.

Mobile purchasing is becoming an increasingly important tool to keep businesses competitive. Experts are warning businesses not to let these new trends in email marketing distract them from the fact that consumers want to be able to purchase products and services on their mobile devices. That being said, mobile selling is as important as email marketing UK in 2022.

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