What Career Path is Right for You?

You may remember sitting in school at a young age when the teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Your childhood drawings may include a fireman, a policeman, or even a superhero. Your dreams may have changed a little since elementary school, all depending on how you grew up and your education. Some people decide to high school study abroad, and gain a whole different view of the world that changes their perspective and what they want to pursue as a career.

There are many different ways to utilize your degree, including specialization in a field. Some people apply early through an online university for military school. If you have a knack for electrical work, you can make a career out of it by attending an electrician trade school. 

Here are a few career paths you may wish to venture down that opens up a new opportunity for you especially if you use career coach packages.

The Medical Field

In 2015 there were about 1.1 million doctors in the US alone. Among the top career choices of college graduates are those involved with medicine. Nursing is a versatile option when looking into the world of medicine. College can be a financial strain; however, you can apply for grants, loans, or begin your nursing program at a local county college for your Associate’s Degree in nursing. When applying you can inquire if the county school you go to is in association with state schools called an open admissions policy. Once you graduate this agreement can help you gain entry into a four year school to continue your education. A unique approach to this field is forensic nursing. These professionals care for people who were victimized due to trauma or violence and may have a connection to a crime. An example are those who collect DNA evidence during a rape case when a victim comes to the hospital. They also may be called to testify during a criminal case. To get a degree as a forensic specialist, you need to study classes like Cognitive & Information Sciences – UC Merced.

You may also want to consider taking Online CPC Classes to be a medical coder. Your job will be to create and maintain patient records using universal codes that can be identified by different medical facilities and insurance companies.

If you are a fan of the television show Bones, you know just a little about the field of Anthropology. This field studies human societies and cultures but also needs the help of doctors in certain cases. Obtaining a degree as a dental care specialists or a dentist can set you down the road to becoming a forensic odontologist. These highly trained doctors are called in to help identify things such as bite marks of a person who died. They can help with criminal cases or be used to determine information like ethnicity based on skull measurements. During a natural disaster or vehicle crash these doctors can be called into help find and identify the victims using markers such as age and race.

You may also pursue a dental career and it is not limited to dentists or orthodontists. You can take a dental assistant training to start your career as a dental assistant.

If you love animals, there are veterinarian job opportunities and Jobs for Vet Techs that you may want to consider. This could be a great career especially if you are passionate about taking care of animals.

The Performing Arts

The performing arts consists of theatre, dance, visual arts, and music. Research has shown that children and young adults who are involved in these activities are more likely to have higher self esteems, self expression, and a better relationship with their parents.  You can use your experience to teach dance lessons or even the historical implications and positive ways the arts can affect lives.  If you enjoy finding ways your arts background can help, you may want to consider becoming a music or dance movement therapist. These specialists use the arts to help people express themselves with movement or music with patients to encourage overcoming difficulties with mental, social or emotional problems. If you’ve decided to pursue a career in music, you may want to get in touch with a Motown Record Producer to get started. Those who are aspiring to be songwriters can draw inspiration from reading articles about the Top Songwriters of all time.

Becoming a Lawyer

Going to school to become a  lawyer can eventually pay quite well and you can easily find law-related jobs with the help of an attorney recruiter; however, it can be good for your firm and heart when lending a helping hands to those in need.  There are many kinds of lawyers such as a personal injury attorney. These lawyers can help assist those involved in accidents such as car crashes, slip and falls, or malfunctioning products. Some legal advisors enjoy working pro bono cases or free cases in addition to their normal workload. This helps people who may not have the resources to pay for legal advice or assistance. Some states now require law students to complete a certain amount of hours of pro bono work. Doing so helps you as a lawyer diversify your clientele and shows you are there for those who need someone to fight for them.