Top Marketing Trends To Expect In 2019

Marketing your business has never been easier with the help of digital media outlets. Between social media, advertisements, and SEO strategies, countless marketing trends are sweeping the nation. But what can we expect to dominate in 2019? If you are planning a marketing budget then there’s good news, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the marketing trends expected to soar above the rest in 2019.

Emphasizing the customer

With e-commerce only growing, countless companies are trying to earn the trust of new customers while also keeping their current customers placated. Connecting with customers will be leading the charge in terms of marketing in 2019.

What will this look like? Some companies will try to craft a more engaging consumer experience. Others may try to forge stronger relationships through social media use or customer appreciation days. Most social media users like it when a company replies directly to their online comments. It not only makes the consumer feel heard by the company, but it makes them feel special that they were picked out from the crowd. Try talking to merchant services consultants to know what’s best for your customers.

As a whole, you can expect to see most companies offering better content and more information on their sites. According to CMO, it’s estimated that nearly 60 percent of shoppers will look up product information on a mobile device when they’re shopping in-store. Some companies may even begin to implement the growing trend of augmented reality to reach a high-tech audience.

Only the organics

Organic marketing methods are expected to come back swinging in 2019. This is primarily because of the upcoming Google updates set to take the stage this year. For example, the Google Speed Update is expected to launch this year, putting a penalty on slower loading sites while their search snippet algorithm is set to change as well. This will primarily affect the SERPs and whether or not they use organic marketing strategies, including voice searches, meta data, and high-quality images.


Boost your organic marketing through search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and sms marketing. Though focusing on each one of these is great for your business, it’s the combination of the three that will make organic marketing a benefit to your business.

Chatbots and AI

It’s expected that chatbots will help a business save more than $8 billion per year thanks to their tightly integrated customer service tasks. These bots are able to answer simple questions pertaining to shipping information, tracking, and basic company information. This streamlines efficiency within your company while customers are happy getting the bare-bones information they require. Should a client need more from the bot, it can always redirect your customer to an industry professional within your business. This ensures only consumers in need will be connected to an employee.

This type of AI is predicted to boom in 2019, but it isn’t doing it alone. Artificial intelligence relies on a number of computers to analyze information at rapid rates. This makes it an expensive venture, but one with a high return on investment, especially when menial tasks that take days are achieved within minutes.

Whether you choose to benefit from AI, organic marketing, or customer service strategies, using the top trends for the year can help put your business on the path to success along with the best IT guidance from Treasure Valley IT provides IT management in Meridian. After all, no business should be afraid to try something new. For more information on the upcoming marketing trends in 2019, rely on industry experts to get your head in the game. Straight Marketing LLC reviews offer some insight into a company offering innovation to promote your business.