Summer is here! The gardener’s guide

It’s not quite here, but it is well and truly on its way.

Some people will spruce up their home and prepare for summer, while for others it is all about the garden. It could be said that the green fingers era has stepped up a notch over recent years, with a lot of people fully aware about the benefits that this has on curb appeal.

It means that when summer comes there is a flurry of us heading out to our gardens for landscape maintenance with the help from tree service experts. This way, we can add a touch of outdoor glamour to our properties. Of course, we’re not all experts in the gardening world, and this is where experts like Premier Gardens can be of great help.

Firstly, let’s talk about weeding. Unfortunately, this can be a do or die situation for your garden. It can look the part and be the envy of neighbors, or it can completely flop as it gets taken over by seasonal weeds.

It means that you need to get your house in order in good time. Make sure you apply mulch, cultivate and apply weed mats wherever you can. You might also have to arm yourself with some weed killer, but the whole point is to try and stop the weeds before it gets to that point.

Secondly, let’s talk about seasonal flowers. Some gardens will turn to evergreen options to limit the amount of future upkeep, but others will want something to bring out the best of summer. There are scores of examples (and check the resources for a more comprehensive list), but some include:

  • Garden Cosmos
  • Lantana
  • Daylilies
  • Petunias

Now that your garden is armed with suitable flowers, don’t be afraid of pruning. It might sound like quite a drastic measure, but by deadheading flowers you can actually encourage a second set which will make your yard even more beautiful. In addition, it’s best to call the experts from Owens Bros for professional tree trimming and tree care services. Don’t be afraid to give your plants a little commercial fertilizer to make them grow beautifully.

Finally, let’s talk about watering. This will largely depend on the area you reside in but on the whole, your plants are going to be thirsty. Several days without water can start to damage them, so make sure you prepare accordingly. Some people like to add a pond and Decorative Aggregates to their garden, and have a nice group of fishes to feed and watch swim around. This will also require its own special care, and you will probably need a windmill aeration kit as well. Keep these factors in mind and iron out the details during planning, not after, to avoid any issues.

This doesn’t have to be about a hosepipe either (although this helps). Keep sticking your finger in the soil to test the moisture content, and act promptly if it doesn’t feel damp.

In addition to have your garden ready for summer, you can also check your outdoor flooring. You can call a dairy brick repair contractor to help you on this task.

Granted, all of the above suggestions are quick hacks, but by abiding by them you will ensure that your garden both has the right summer blend and is looked after in a way that won’t compromise your green purchases! You can visit now to know more about landscaping.


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