Should You Rent a Photo Booth?

We take so many photos nowadays, and we appear in many more photos that we don’t take ourselves. Most people have smartphones, which means they’re carrying a camera around with them all day, every day. From that angle, it can be hard to figure out why you would want a photo booth for your next big party.

But you aren’t looking closely enough at the big picture. There are some cases where photo booth rental makes a lot of sense. Let’s zoom in on a couple of good reasons to have a photo booth at your next event.

You need a phone break

Yes, your phone is great and helpful. But looking at it all the time can get old really fast. One study found that Americans check their phones 80 times a day. You check it before you go to bed. You check it as soon as you get it up. You check it when you should be working, as well as when you should be socializing with family members or friends. Feeling that tethered to your phone can be miserable rather than empowering.

If you want a phone-free zone at your party, that’s more than fair. And a photo booth rental NY is the perfect answer to any guest who asks, “But how will we take pictures of each other?” Set up the photo booth on your lawn (or inside your house if the weather is bad) and let people have as much fun as they want with the thing.

You’ll get better photos when people aren’t focused on their phones. No one wants a selfie where everyone is just staring at their respective screens. The best photos involve subjects who are engaged with the camera, not with their Instagram accounts or Facebook notifications. If someone needs to look up something on their phone, chances are it can wait until after the party. The question that seems urgent now may not seem that way after 30 minutes of chatting with your long-lost friend from high school. 

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If you truly need to look up something on Abraham Lincoln’s Wikipedia page, then chill out until the party is over. Wikipedia isn’t going anywhere.

You’re with people you rarely see

There’s a decent chance that you already live close to Mom, Dad, and even your siblings. One analysis found that the average adult lives just 18 miles from Mom. Only 20 percent of Americans have to drive more than a couple of hours to visit their parents.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be close to every person who is important in your life. Most of us have friendships with people that we only see once a year, if that. Let’s say you’re having a party at the same time that your cousin is visiting the area. You haven’t seen her since high school, so you’re definitely going to want to get a photo with her. A photo booth makes it more likely that you’ll find time to pose for photos together. 

Smartphones are too common. It’s all too easy to sit there and catch up with your grandma for hours, only to realize when she’s left that you never took a photo with her. If she resides at an assisted living community in New Jersey while you live in a condo in Miami, you’re going to regret not snapping some pictures together when you had the chance.

A photo booth also guarantees better photos than someone holding up their camera and saying, “Let me get a picture of this!” Bad pictures are more likely when the photographer is trying to both take a picture and pose for it at the same time. A photo booth lets you focus on your pose first and foremost.