6 Summer Home Improvements to Start Now

On this page of the calendar, when the birds start chirping, the snow melts away, and the skies are blue again, it’s inevitable that the urge to Marie Kondo your life is going to strike. We have traditionally engaged in spring cleaning rituals for many generations, originally because most homes had fireplaces that needed to be swept out once the weather started getting warmer. Even now, in our modern Western culture, we love the concept of starting fresh again in the spring.

Trends right now lean more towards minimalism, and most homeowners report a strong preference for location and interior beauty when searching for their dream real estate. Additionally, statistics show that most millennial homeowners are looking for a turnkey starter home, knowing that they can profit greatly off their fixer-upper, whether they’re a Joanna Gaines type or not. Thus, home renovation projects that add both aesthetic and practical appeal are advantageous.

It can be difficult to commit to a project once June and July roll around and the heat is dragging you down. If you’re determined to start and complete a home improvement project this year, get started before the temperature spikes. Open the windows, put on some music, and let the sunshine in. Summer is right around the corner, and you’ll want to get started on these projects before the lazy, humid days are here.

Bay window replacement

Even small living spaces look much more spacious and inviting with natural light. Angle bay windows are classic and timeless additions to a home that allow light to spill in from every direction. The panoramic glass will instantaneously brighten your home.

Bay windows not only add extra square footage to your home, they can open and close for versatile ventilation. This is especially beneficial if you like to keep the windows open during the summer. Best of all, window replacement is surprisingly affordable. For all its advantages, it is not likely to set you back as much as other, more invasive forms of home improvement.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add traditional charm and value to your home, consider a window upgrade this spring, just in time for the warm weather. You’ll enjoy it while you’re living there, and potential buyers will be swayed by the unique feature that other contemporary houses are lacking.

Cooling units

Depending on where you live, the summer months can be pleasant or nightmarish. If you’ve been trying to save money, you might have resisted air conditioning in your home, or only used it when absolutely necessary. On top of the expense, air conditioning also tends to be more complicated to install and maintain than heating.

Central air conditioners are the most common type of unit in modern homes, and they use the same duct system as your furnace, although it uses energy in a completely different way and ultimately transfers compressed energy from the house to the outdoors. The result? A frosty, comfortable interior that will help your home feel like an oasis compared to the heat wave outside.

If you already have an HVAC system installed in your home, you might notice it occasionally fails to do its job correctly. If your air conditioning unit malfunctions, don’t try to play handyman yourself. It’s advisable to call your local hvac repair contractor.

He or she will come by within a few hours to fix the problem using professional tools and resources. If you have any questions, it’s always better to ask your repairman, who has had many hours of hands-on training in his or her trade, rather than frantically searching Google.


If you’re about to undertake a roofing project, you should do it in the springtime before the weather gets too extreme. Once the territory of professional contractors alone, more and more homeowners are taking on DIY roofing projects themselves. It’s never been simpler to spruce up your roof and ensure your home appreciates in value with a sleek, attractive roof.

Many designs and styles are available, and your choice will depend largely on what type of home you have, but Everdrain™ by Everlasting Roofing is a popular brand known for its symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The classic “board and batten” look is used in everything from residential to agricultural warehouses.

Kitchen cabinet upgrades

Kitchen cabinet remodeling is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to test the waters for more extensive kitchen renovation projects. Your supplies can be purchased locally from any small retailer, such as this granite supplier in Brimfield, MA, or this lumber supplier in Middletown, PA.

If your kitchen is looking a little drab, one of the number of ways to add a jolt of new life to your surroundings is by replacing the cabinets. Not only can a new set of cabinets change the appearance of your kitchen dramatically, they are the perfect way to experiment with new creative DIY ideas you might have been curious about trying.

Swimming pool installation

A great way to instantly add value to your home and make it the most popular hangout spot on the block is by adding a pool. Even if it takes up some space on your property, no one ever regrets getting their own swimming pool. Having 24/7 access to such a relaxing, refreshing place encourages the likelihood that you will stay active during the warmer months.

Inground pool construction is more difficult than above-ground, but it is also preferable for many reasons, and given the choice most homeowners would choose an inground, or a “dug-in,” as they were once called, when personal swimming pools were starting to appear as luxuries in many American backyards.

Constructing an inground pool isn’t cheap. After budgeting, financing, and checking with your local authorities to ensure you’re not breaking any ordinances, you’ll be ready to go. Just be aware, you might end up spending close to $50,000 by the time you’re done, and that’s not even including the cost of maintenance over time.

If you feel certain that this expense is worth the eventual profit you’ll receive on your home, don’t hesitate. Get started by asking for a quote from your local professionals, such as this swimming pool contractor in Hamilton Township, NJ, where homes with inground pools typically remain on the market for only 70 days. Clearly, pools are a big selling point.

Garage door replacement

Professional Ocala Home Builder Fred Franks states, replacing a garage door is a renovation project that will surely make you the talk of the neighborhood, but only after you put in a bit of hard manual labor. It’s hard, backbreaking work, but it’ll be worth it when your brand new steel garage door is installed.

If you’re unconvinced by the warnings to hire a professional contractor because of the risk of personal injury while replacing a garage door and wish to power through on your own, you could spend anywhere from $200 to $4,000, depending on the materials. Just be forewarned that manually disposing of the old door will be an added nuisance and potentially injurious process.