Company Registration in Indonesia: All you Need to Know

Indonesia is currently enjoying a booming economy and if you have a plan to do business in this South East Asian nation, this article was written with you in mind. It would be very difficult to register a business in Indonesia without using a local specialist, who would fully understand the requirements and can offer you valuable advice about the best way forward, depending upon your business needs.

Setting Up a Representative Office in Indonesia

This is perfect for the foreign company that wishes to carry out some market research into the Indonesian market, with a view to possible business development. This is a non-trading situation that can be set up within a few weeks and it allows you to carry out market research and report back to the parent company. When looking to set up company registration in Indonesia, you should take advantage of the local expertise, with companies that specialise in company formation in Indonesia, as they can really help in many ways.

Setting Up a Local Company

This allows you to trade and supports work visas, and this is the most popular form of business registration for foreign companies. The details are as follows:

  • Able to trade.
  • Variable minimum capital.
  • Local directors and shareholders.
  • Unrestricted activities.
  • Subject to local compliance.

The paid-up capital requirements are much less than that for a foreign owned company, yet you are not restricted in any way. If you would like to review your company production, here is a great article that highlights ways to make your employees more productive.

Setting Up a Foreign Company

This type of company can be partially or fully owned by foreign entities, yet there are certain industries that foreign companies are not permitted to enter. It is worth noting that investors from ASEAN countries can enjoy a higher share of business interests in most sectors. Certain business sectors require that you have a local partner and the support company can help with this by connecting you with reliable local investors. Click here for a link to a site where you can check company names for registration in Indonesia.

Seek Out Expert Advice

Moving into a foreign market that has its own culture, rules and laws requires that you seek out the help of a specialist company that is very experienced with finance company registration. The experts can advise you on the best company formation route to take, plus they will make you aware of laws and restrictions that might apply.

Once you make contact with a reputable business advisory service that is based in Indonesia, they can furnish you with all the information you need, plus they can also advise you on every aspect of setting up a business in Indonesia, which will prove to be invaluable. There are many exciting business opportunities in Indonesia, and this could be the ideal market for a business expansion, and setting up a representative office will allow you to carry out essential market research.