Clever Ways to Save on Wedding Plans

You’re engaged? Congratulations! As you get ready to settle down with the love of your life, you likely have one major task ahead: a wedding to plan. Unless you’re planning to elope or sneak into the courthouse, then you have a boatload of family, friends, and your spouse’s strangers to entertain. A wedding is the perfect chance to celebrate and show off your love, but a wedding can also be expensive and a pain to plan! If you don’t want to break your bank, and you want your wedding to be a little more fun, here are some clever ways to save on wedding plans.

Have a Picnic

Seating can be one of the biggest hassles when you plan your wedding. Besides seating arrangements and the complexity they pose, it can also add stress to find and rent adequate reception tables and chairs, especially if you’re trying to save your money. You can skip this stress altogether and have a picnic, if you dare. You’ll need to provide seating for the elderly, and some pillows wouldn’t go amiss–but you can add fun to your wedding by making it a picnic instead of a sit-down affair. You can use old blankets or grab some nice ones from Goodwill. You’ll save several hundred dollars if you camp out on the grass.

Have Non-Traditional Food

Catering can be a major blow to your wedding budget, especially if you want it to taste good. That’s only if you go with wedding caterers, though. Many casual restaurants, with fun food like macaroni and cheese, will cater your event, no matter how large. They’re a lot less expensive, too. And let’s face it. Your guests are going to be way happier with tacos or pizza than a slab of chicken breast. (They’ve all had that before!) You can bring in the fun and seriously save money if you hire a casual restaurant to cater your meal.

Let Guests Camp
Many couples offer a discounted rate at a hotel, or even put certain guests up if they’re coming from out of town. You may not be able to afford that kind of generosity, but you could make it easier for your guests to save. If you had your wedding at The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park in North Bend, OR, your guests could RV instead of booking a room. Many gorgeous reception sites are near unique accommodations, so make recommendations to your traveling guests!

Hire a Friend to Bartend

If you have no restrictions on where the alcohol at your wedding comes from, then you can get creative with your fabulous wedding drinks menu. Instead of paying an arm and a leg to have a service bartend, you can ask a friend if they’d be willing. Together, you can design drinks and purchase liquor from Joe Canal’s liquor outlet. Your friend will make more than enough money in tips for their night to be worthwhile, and you’ll save major bucks on booze.