5 Ways to Increase Hair Growth

A head full of lustrous healthy hair must be dream of every man and woman. Having a full voluminous hair is no magic, it takes dedication, unparalleled attention and more importantly, a healthy lifestyle, for example, If you want to boost your beard grow, you will need products like this highly effective Beard Growth Supplements.

To increase the volume of your hair, five amazing tips will be explicably highlighted below:

Eat healthy foods which enhances hair growth.

Eating healthy diets is one of the key natural solution to having a healthy, full hair. Proteins, specifically keratin, is Rich in nutrients which increases hair growth. In addition, olive oil, eggs, bananas, raisins et cetera are effective in the procurement of a beautiful thick hair. For healthy scalp, foods that are exclusively rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and irons are quite useful. Shop your favorite snacks at an asian grocery store online.

Regular intakes of alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugar, white flour and the likes can however, hinder the progress of hair growth.

Trim your hair regularly with scissors

Regular trimming of your hair doesn’t necessarily mean you are decreasing the length of your hair, because hair growth starts from the root not the tip. It keeps your hair looking  healthy and also advertently helps you avoid getting splits in your hair. If you delay in trimming your hair, splits might work their way up strands, which might cause your hair to break off.

Regular intake of water

Water is essential for the body to function properly. Poor intake of water won’t allow your hair grow; dehydration halts hair growth. When the hair doesn’t get the adequate moisture needed due to limited intake of water, the end of the hair splits, which makes it difficult for the hair to grow. When the hair is hydrated, it helps terminate hair problems such as dandruffs et cetera. Inadequate consumption of water hinders cell growth and reproduction.

Research shows that water makes up about 25% of the weight of a strand of hair; drinking water helps the strength of the hair. Train yourself to take six to eight cups of water a day.

Subscribe to healthy thyroid to encourage hair growth naturally

Poor thyroid health comes with a lot of symptoms, hair loss is one of it. Decreased thyroid means you aren’t bringing forth enough energy, which results in slow metabolism. However, there are foods which helps promote a healthy thyroid. Foods that supports healthy thyroid will be highlighted below.

  • SEAWEED – a dried sheet of seaweed contains more than the daily required value  of iodine, it is an essential nutrient which the thyroid turns in to thyroid hormone.
  • BRAZIL NUTS – studies have shown that Brazil nuts is relevant for an active thyroid hormone. Two handfuls of Brazil nuts can contain more than your required daily need of a value of selenium, which helps kick-start the output of active thyroid hormones.
  • BEEF – zinc is one of the most essential nutrients for thyroid – the consumption of very little or no zinc can lead to hypothyroidism and according to a report in 2013, severe alopecia which makes the hair fall out in clumps could be experienced.

Other foods which promotes healthy thyroid are: eggs, shellfish, berries, chicken, lentils, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, bok choy, fish, yogurt, garlic and olive oil.

Pay attention to your scalp care

For a full healthy hair, it’s only appropriate to pay adequate attention to the scalp. A balanced, well treated scalp is one of the crucial factors for hair growth. Incorporating products like shampoo made with with sustainably farmed seaweed can be beneficial. Just like you exfoliate the skin on your face, your scalp also needs exfoliation, but avoid using your fingernails while scrubbing to prevent scabbing. Avoid chemicals harmful to hair growth and opt for healthy hair products for the scalp, such as seaweed-based shampoos, to enhance hair growth. You can also get more hair care tips at Groenerekenkamer.com/.

Desist from the use of chemicals which may cause damage to your hair growth and focus more on healthy hair products for the scalp, which helps increase hair growth.

If you want a more instant solution, you can opt for a hair transplant procedure.


Finasteride is often recommended by the doctor to adult male patients only, children and women should not take this. This medication reduces the amount of a natural body hormone; this results in increased hair regrowth and slower hair loss.

To notice the effects of finasteride, it may take up to three months. It is advisable to continue the intake of finasteride for as long as your doctor prescribe.