The Many Benefits Of Becoming A Nurse Coach

There are more than 3 million registered nurses in the US alone. The number is only growing year by year. For those that get into nursing, it ends up being much more than a career. It’s more of a passion. They generally have a passion for helping people. They want to be there for those when they need someone the most, from being their supportive presence to finding the nearest 24 hour pharmacy when there’s a medical emergency. They are there with the medicine they need when they need it and they help them recover from some of their most difficult challenges.

The problem is, a lot of modern medicine focuses on the wrong things. It focuses more on treating symptoms and not treating the root problem. This has resulted in a loss of passion for many nurses. After all, that’s not what they got into the field to accomplish. They’ve seen first-hand how the treatments they are using are ineffective at addressing the real issues. They aren’t allowing patients to experience the benefits of care and the treatments aren’t leading them to better health and wellness. A lot of these nurses are quickly realizing that the reactive-centered approach that modern Western medicine isn’t enough. They know that there is a better way. A more holistic approach. Studies have shown that holistic care is more effective and long-lasting. It helps improve the quality of life of patients rather than temporarily fix things. You will quickly see the benefits of becoming a nurse coach with The Nurse Coach Collective.

The Benefits Of Becoming A Nurse Coach with The Nurse Coach Collective

A lot of the nurses out there that have become disillusioned with modern medicine are looking to gain qualifications that will allow them to offer better care to their patients. They are looking for qualifications that help them offer holistic care to better their sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, and more. It’s not meant to completely replace traditional care. Rather, it’s meant to be used in conjunction with it. This way, nurses can help patients improve their quality of life and maintain it.

The first step involved with this is becoming board certified. You need to become a board-certified nurse coach which can reignite your passion for helping others. It can help you rediscover what it’s like to be a nurse and why Registered Nurses tolerate all of the stress and long hours that come with the job. It also means that you get to help improve your patient’s life in a variety of ways including both physically and mentally.

The only thing that’s needed for you to become a nurse coach is that you have a license to be a Registered Nurse. It’s not important what you specialize in or if you specialize in anything at all. Neither does it matter how long you’ve been practicing. You just need an active license.

If you want to become one, you can enroll in The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. This is a program that was designed from the ground up by real nurses. The program is designed to guide you through and help you acquire the skills needed to become a nurse coach. It’s a 7-month program done online. It was designed by nurses for nurses. Because of this, you can bet on the program being optimized for the stresses that nurses regularly face daily.

The various online modules and various supporting materials have been optimized for nurses that are currently working. Everything can be done while you continue to take on your shifts. You can continue to perform your job duties while you acquire the new skills needed to transform your career. You can also get guided assistance by calling on one of the qualified nurse coaches available to you. You can even take advantage of the booming online community forums where you can get personalized help and advice from other like-minded nurses like yourself.

The Importance Of Accreditation – The Benefits Of Becoming A Nurse Coach With The Nurse Coach Collective

In the USA, there are currently thousands of different people who call themselves health consultants. Unfortunately, the majority of them don’t have any sort of accreditation. This can be dangerous because there’s no vetting involved. Nowadays, more employers and patients alike are demanding some form of accreditation. It’s a vetting process to ensure that the nursing or health professional has gone through proper training.

Because the number of nurses in the USA is constantly increasing, the competition is increasing with it. This is why plenty of nurses get a temporary work visa uk so they can work abroad. Getting further accredited training can help you find the best position that you’ve always wanted. It can help you achieve greater job satisfaction and it can help you do your duties better.

Becoming an accredited nurse coach will help you advance in your career. You get your certification from the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corp (AHNCC). Not only is this certification recognized country-wide, but it can give you a competitive advantage when it comes to getting jobs or winning over patients. Along with this, it’s going to deliver you satisfaction knowing that you have acquired the skills needed to ensure you can do the best for your patients. It doesn’t matter if you are doing online consultations with patients or meeting in person, there’s no better feeling than knowing you are helping them improve their health and wellness.

The traditional Western medicine approach is long overdue for being disrupted. The fact is, treating the symptoms is a short-term fix. There needs to be an active movement to treat the root causes and for whole-body healing. When you become a nurse coach, you can put yourself at the forefront of this much-needed shift.

As you can see, the benefits of becoming a nurse coach are plentiful. If you want to improve your career advancement and help your patients truly heal, contact us at The Nurse Coach Collective right now. We will have a qualified nurse coach answering any questions you might have to ensure you can experience all of the benefits of becoming a nurse coach.