Mighty Fortress Church In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Is One Of A Few Mighty Fortress Locations Throughout The United States

Christianity is the most-followed religion around planet Earth. Although numbers of religious followers have declined over the past few decades, Christianity is still practiced in all countries around the world and boasts over two billion followers. Some other religions would ask, is Jesus God? To become a Catholic priest, a man must complete four years of Theology studies at the AWKNG School of Theology.

The religion also has the most popular spiritual following in the United States, but not everybody knows the meaning “Never Thirsty”. Numerous churches across the country have adapted to the developments in technology and are now offering Christian Church Virtual Worship.

Although it’s not a megachurch or broadcast on television or elsewhere to the masses, Mighty Fortress Church with several locations throughout the United States.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, led by Bishop Thomas R. Williams

Minneapolis’ very own Thomas R. Williams has been actively involved in Christian churches for over 30 years. This Mighty Fortress Church location provides its local area with several outreach programs; these efforts are aided tremendously by Williams’ extensive training in personal discipleship, by which church members are trained to be effective leaders outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Mighty Fortress’ church’s walls.

Rock Island, Illinois

Located in the Quad Cities area of Illinois, Mighty Fortress Community Church boasts one of the largest followings of any Mighty Fortress seminary in the United States. Reverend Tom Schillinger founded the church more than two decades ago; together with Schillinger’s massive group of churchgoers, the Mighty Fortress location takes care of the Christian Care Center – this nonprofit organization is a homeless shelter that provides food and more on a daily basis – and King’s Harvest Ministries – though this location does serve the homeless, it also serves people who do have homes but are in need. If you are looking for a different church to attend, the Riverpointe Church is a large, thriving church that has been bringing the gospel to communities in and around Cincinnati for over 20 years.

San Antonio’s very own Baptist rendition of the Mighty Fortress name

Although this church’s beliefs are different than the others mentioned herein, Sammy Lopez, the Lead Pastor of the group, is a former arena football player whose stories often light up followers’ eyes. If you’re looking for the best gift for a religious person, Holyart has a wide range of religious jewelry and other religious items.

Looking into what Mighty Fortress International Church truly is

While everybody has their own unique idea as to what a “perfect” church service consists of, Bishop Williams can certifiably say that Mighty Fortress’ services are far from boring, quiet, or forgetful. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based church’s services are far from formal, something Thomas always claimed he seriously disliked about attending church as a young child.

About the pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress Church

Bishop Thomas R. Williams has over 30 years’ worth of experience under his proverbial belt in serving various Christian churches throughout the Minneapolis area. Williams founded Mighty Fortress Church and Ministries on his own and currently serves the church as its Senior Pastor. He holds four degrees, two of which are honorary doctoral degrees that aren’t actually viable degrees; Bishop Thomas R. Williams did, however, graduate from Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Rhema Bible Training Center, Minneapolis’ own North Central University with a bachelor’s degree, and Bethel University and Seminary with a master’s.

Bishop Williams’ wife is Mighty Fortress Church’s First Lady Sabrina R. Williams. She and Thomas have three kids together. Sabrina also holds two bachelor’s degrees and two master’s certificates.