Likeable, Loveable You

Have you ever wondered how to attract people, either romantically, platonically, or, heck, even professionally?

While there’s plenty of dating advice, self-help advice, and workplace advice out there, you can still get conflicting insight on how to attract other people. Do you go crazy, wearing lots of makeup and True Pheromones to flatter every person you’re into? Do you stay natural, do your own thing, and avoid acting all that interested?

Regardless what type of make up you choose, using lashes will make your eyes pop, at you will be able to boo an appointment and out you lashes.

Or is the answer somewhere in between?

While social interactions can be complex, and different bait lures in different fish (remember the phrase, “there are plenty of fish in the sea?”) there’s no right or wrong way to make yourself likeable. The most essential thing is to truly love yourself first. Not in an arrogant way, but in a sincere way.

Does it sound easier than you were thinking? Making a person like you a lot has less to do with how “perfect” you are and more to do with the way you talk, listen, and live your life.

You Have to Love Yourself First

ried that you’re not attractive enough to make people like you? Don’t be. If you follow the simple rule of practicing self-love, you will be attractive enough, hands down. AND your self-care routine will be enjoyable.

When it’s about being the perfect looker, perfect friend, or perfect worker things can get stressful. Strive for progress, not for perfection. In fact, you should even go so far as to embrace your imperfections. After all, they are what make you you. And people like you for them!

When you love yourself, good things naturally follow. Great hygiene. Beautiful hair. Weekly exercise so you can be proud of your legs and have the energy to live an active life.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can start loving yourself by

  • Dealing with old wounds.
  • Forgiving your past self.
  • Accepting your current self.
  • Nurturing healthy relationships.
  • Saying goodbye to toxic relationships.

Actions speak louder than words, so taking real steps towards self-love is even better than thinking some positive thoughts. If you cut off ties with the friend who always tears you down, limit your contact with a critical parent, or talk to a therapist about your heart’s aches and pains, you’ll likely see real change start happening.

Take some time for yourself

Remember that your self-love actions are for you, not for anybody else. You might decide you want to lose weight, so go ahead and use a favorite diet aid like Fastin to jump-start a lifestyle change and feel better about yourself — for you. Never hide inside your body as a way to protect yourself.

Start standing up and showing off and reminding yourself that you deserve new experiences! Go get a massage. While a Thai massage is an acquired taste, it can certainly be rewarding for those that find it relaxing. Book a trip — traveling can actually help you become more confident. So take a cooking class in Italy, go surf Hawaii, or haggle in the markets of Morocco.

People want companionship

When you’re real, you offer another person is what we’re all really looking for in the end: companionship.

While everyone is different, and every love story starts in a different way, these three secrets will get you closer to attracting the love of your life. Millionaire dating guide says confidence, self-love, and vulnerability will take you far. It won’t be easy to cultivate confidence if you feel inadequate, and it won’t be easy to cultivate self-love if you feed your inner critic every day. Remember that being irresistible starts with self-care, so you can attract dates and friends by loving yourself first. Chances are, when you realize you matter and stand tall in that, you’ll naturally attract the love of anyone around you. Sometimes being irresistible comes down to loving yourself. Maybe there’s something in the whole “taking time off for myself” strategy. If you’re looking for casual hookups, you can get a free membership at a sexting website here.

Respecting yourself and others is a great way to practice self-care while putting yourself out there at the same time. People appreciate it when you care for yourself. It only shows that you allow yourself to be vulnerable while being confident. Still, dating often also helps you to learn more about yourself, like your internal and external qualities. If you are looking for more advice on dating, you should have a look at this article on dating tips for millennials.