How To Properly Clean Air Ducts In The House?

How To Properly Clean Air Ducts In The House?

Air ducts gather dust if they are not cleaned for long. This is hazardous for the people living in the house. A clean air duct, of course, means clean air as a result. Periodical duct cleaning can certainly help a person breathe in healthy and clean air. A clean air duct ensures that there aren’t any kind of allergens or pollutants present in the air. It’s ideal if you call Air duct cleaning services in Mississauga to give the ducts in your home a professional clean up. But before going on to clean the air duct, one needs to study its build and how it works in your house. But if you get the initial study done then you can do it yourself as well to an extent. 

Why one should clean the air duct?

There are some steps one should follow to clean the ductwork in their home. Cleaning up the air ducts regularly will be healthy for one’s family simply because:

  • Of the clean air, they will be able to breathe in. 
  • Cleaning the ducts regularly can reduce the allergies present in the house. 

Once done with the air duct cleaning, the furnace filter can also be replaced to help protect the house. Such a replacement will also aid in prolonging the longevity of the ductwork and HVAC system.  

How can one clean the ductwork in their house?

Tool required: Screwdriver, broom, dust brush (a long-handled one), paper towels, microfiber cloths, long attachment vacuum cleaner, liquid soap, and warm water, bucket, face mask (to protect yourself from dust allergies) and another furnace filter. 

The steps below outlined the procedure to clean the air ducts: 

  • First, cover up those supply registers present by making use of the above mentioned clean microfiber piece of cloth or paper towels. This prevents dust, dirt and other debris from getting a free reign throughout the house and polluting it. Just lift the grills for every register, cover it up and then carry on replacing it. 
  • Make sure that the heating system isn’t on. Then get ready- it’s time to loosen up the debris and dirt present thereby switching on the duct fan. 
  • Make use of the dust brush or the vacuum cleaner and get working. Clean up the duct supply registers. Make sure you lift the register present there to get rid of all the danger, dirt, and dust. Make sure to use a broom just to simply reach below and down to get right into its piping system. 
  • Now it’s time to very carefully remove up the air registers by making use of a screwdriver. Know that these are different from the above registers, these are return air ones. After you are done removing, dust up the inside of the duct system by using a vacuum cleaner, brush or broom. Anything easy for you to work with.
  • Keep the fan going on for some time. This will help loosen any type of remaining debris. Once you are satisfied that there’s nothing left, turn off the fan and then fully disconnect the electric power system from the HVAC so as prevent sudden injuries in the below-mentioned steps. 
  • Now remove the grill and cover by making use of a screwdriver. Use a clean cloth to clean the dirty grates. You can even use liquid soap along with a little warm water. Once you are done getting rid of the dirt, dry up using a clean and fresh cloth. 
  • Bring out the vacuum cleaner and then vacuum the ducts. Use an extension attachment of the vacuum cleaner to get this step done properly. 
  • Double-check to make sure that the electric power is off. Now use a screwdriver to reach into the boot for returning air. Do this by slowly getting rid of the panels present right on the very front side of the HVAC furnace. Slowly and very carefully get rid of the debris and dirt present there. But don’t damage up the fan there. 
  • All that’s left to be done now is to change up the furnace filter. Put the new filter in its place and the whole air duct cleaning is done. 

Cleaning air ducts is a very time consuming and quite a rigorous job. It has to be done very carefully so that nothing inside is damaged and the one cleaning also doesn’t get hurt. It’s quite possible that in today’s world one would not have the time to go into such deep cleaning. That’s why it’s advisable to hire a professional crew to get the work done. These people will clean all the debris and dirt present there and ensure that the aid is clean and healthy to breathe. Whatever option you choose will depend on the time, effort and money you can contribute.