How Networking is Useful in the Workplace

Networking in the workplace is a great way to not only boost your professional career but also build connections that can last a lifetime. What often comes to mind when thinking about networking is a company picnic or other large gathering of employees from different departments all brought together for one goal: to increase morale and share information. This isn’t entirely incorrect, but it’s not what it really is.

What is Networking?

Networking is simply establishing connections with people you come into contact with on a regular basis, be it friends or co-workers, and using these connections to help each other out. This is most commonly done by asking favors of others that you may need help with, or offering your expertise to others that may need it. You can also use these connections to improve the quality of your work-life by asking for company resources, like funding for a new piece of equipment, referrals to other departments or companies if you’re looking for a job or promotion, and so on. If you’ve ever helped a friend move or lent money to a family member (or vice versa), you already know the basics of networking. It’s as simple as helping someone out when they need it, and hopefully having them help you out in return when the time comes.

The Key to Networking

Being genuine and showing interest in others is the key to networking, whether it’s done online or offline. Once your name becomes known by more people you stand a better chance of getting your work recognized and developing satisfying relationships. Networking is done by showing others that you’re active and interested in their work. You should aim to help them out if you want your name to be recognized and remembered by those around you, not just the people you meet at work and outside of it. People like knowing they can rely on someone else’s support and friendship, so make yourself known as a confident, reliable person. Be clear about your needs and you will always get help, rest assured! If you don’t understand the terms and conditions of the online gaming platform, feel free to write to support, they will be happy to help.

Documentation and files can get lost, and when it comes to work it’s all about who you know and what you know. This isn’t just limited to personal connections either; networking for business means getting your voice out there and having others recognize your name. In an organization, people are assigned tasks to do. Whether it’s a part-time job or a position with a lot of responsibility, you can bet that there will be others working with you. In the first couple of months of the job, you’ll meet those you work closely with and begin developing relationships that go beyond just being acquaintances. As these relationships develop and grow, you’ll be working together more and learning about the other person’s interests.


Networking takes time, effort, and commitment on your end. You can’t just wait around for people to call you up and work with you to develop a connection. It’s all about self-motivation and going out of your way to get to know people outside of the office.

You can’t be at every meeting or take part in every conversation. For one thing, that would look bad on your end as it may come off as if you have no responsibility or are being difficult. You will have to take part in your share of the work but you can also network with others even outside of normal work hours.

It’s easy to connect with people on social networks if they’re active online and this is one good way to develop connections outside of the workplace. Writing a blog is another way of getting your name out there; you can even leave comments on others’ blogs to network and meet more people.