Five Trends Internet Marketing Expert Jurgen Cautreels Is Watching In 2022

Five Trends Internet Marketing Expert Jurgen Cautreels Is Watching In 2022

Jurgen Cautreels is an expert in the field of NFTs and investments, and is one of the most respected internet marketers in the world. Here are 5 trends that Cautreels expects to take off in 2022.

1. Virtual Events

The pandemic could have spelled doom for most if not all event planners and venue owners. However, virtual events were there to save the day.

Virtual events range from concerts streamed on Youtube or Twitch, to full virtual reality parties, but they’re all attended straight from the comfort of the audience’s home. Jurgen Cautreels expects that these events are here to stay, and that even when restrictions are lifted, people may prefer the ease of access, and hosts will prefer how much cheaper they are to plan and execute.

He believes event planners will start offering unique incentives to attend as well, such as NFTs in the form of tickets or memorabilia. He believes we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg for this new attraction, and is definitely going to be keeping an eye on how it grows through 2022. 

2. Artificial Intelligence will Shine even Brighter

AI is already a huge area and has been implemented in so many aspects of our everyday life, but Cautreels believes there is still plenty of room for this sector to grow. He believes AI will find its way even deeper into internet marketing, and will be implemented into things like SEO and SMM.

The funny thing about AI is how it’s always getting smarter and teaching itself, which means while AI is already mind blowing, 2022 will only serve to compound the use cases of this technology. 

3. Quality will Overcome Quantity

Cautreels points out that in the last couple years, starting a business has become easier and easier. This has opened the door to many creative and passionate minds.

This means more competition on the market, which means that businesses need to stand out more. In the past, internet marketing techniques have been so simple that some marketers could practically copy and paste their strategies and adverts from business to business.

Jurgen believes these days are over, and that users will start responding much better to high quality marketing, and that investing in first-rate internet marketing will be more important than ever in 2022.

4. Morals will be a Key Factor in Business

The pandemic brought everyone closer together. People have grown more empathy than ever. This empathy expands to businesses as well.

People are more likely now to support local businesses, as well as businesses with ethical practices such as charity, low environmental impact, and high employment standards. Jurgen Cautreels expects that we’ll see more internet marketing geared towards highlighting these areas of companies.

This also traces back to quality marketing. In 2022, customers, especially young ones, will be more attuned to artificial claims. Transparency will be a great tool for businesses, and being genuine will help them stand out from the waves of competition. 

5. NFTs will Hit the Mainstream

NFTs have been becoming more and more popular in the last year or so, and Cautreels doesn’t see this trend stopping anytime soon. They’ve even been featured on Saturday Night Live.

However, while many people have heard of NFTs, not so many people understand them. Jurgen believes NFTs are the future and there’s a good chance that NFTs will have its Dogecoin event in 2022, and that once people understand them, there will be an influx of new buyers purchasing and investing in them. If you want to invest in buy-and-hold crypto, a hodl stock company can help you ensure that your investment is going the direction you planned. HODL is crypto slang for hold and is a term used in the cryptocurrency world to describe a buy-and-hold investing strategy.