Become A Nurse Health Coach Right Now

The nursing profession requires a lot of passion. After all, you spend all day and night caring for others. You spend time putting others before yourself. Burnout has always been a thing within the nursing profession even before the pandemic. Nowadays, it’s occurring more than ever before. Nurses are getting sick and tired of all of the pressure that’s being put on them and the type of work they are performing. A lot of nurses feel as though they have no control over the care they provide for their patients. The modern system is all about symptom management and many nurses are sick of it. If that sounds like you, it might be time to consider switching. 

A nurse health coach is a viable pivot. If you want to change your career for the better and you want something that can reignite the passion you once had for nursing, it’s your ticket. When you become a nurse health coach, you get to practice on your terms. You set your schedule and you get to help patients the best way you know how. This means that you no longer are bound by the goals of symptom management that govern modern health care. Instead, you get to truly help your patients get better for good.

If you don’t know much about nursing health coaching, you might not yet be convinced. Here are some of the main reasons why you might want to consider giving nurse health coaching a fair shot. 

Why You Should Switch To Nurse Health Coaching: 

1. You Get To Do Good

While you get to do a lot of good as a traditional nurse, you are limited in what you can effectively do for your patients. Unfortunately, you do not get the same leeway that you get as a health coach. When you are a traditional nurse, there are limitations based on what you can and can’t do. There’s also the matter of time constraints that can hold you back from providing optimal care for your patients. When you are a nurse health coach, you get to control what patients you take on and how many of them. This means that you get to spend more individual time with every patient. This alone is going to give you a better ability to help your patients as much as possible. You also get to treat more than just the symptoms they are experiencing. Instead, you get to treat their whole body. That way, you can leave them knowing they aren’t going to end up right back in the hospital because the root problem wasn’t addressed.

2. The Market Is Booming

The nursing field becomes more competitive by the day. One of the things that you may be stressed about is the increased competition. Nurse coaching isn’t new, but the market is thriving. Why is it booming right now? That’s because more and more healthcare providers are seeing what it brings to the table. They are recognizing the many benefits it offers. Because of this, you can easily find a desirable job that satisfies you if that’s your intention. It’s a good way to solidify your place in the marketplace.

3. No More Burnout

Getting burnt out isn’t uncommon in the nursing field. It’s an industry that requires a lot of self-sacrifice. You end up having to lose hours and hours of sleep and you have to spend most of your time caring for others instead of yourself. When you become a nurse coach, you can forget about getting burned out. It’s a good way to avoid nurse burnout because you are going to be placing more of a priority on caring for yourself. It’s also going to help to ensure that you are spending enough time ensuring that you are feeling good mentally and physically. Also, you get to control your hours in most cases. This alone can keep you from getting burnt out because you won’t be forced to put in 17-hour shifts. 

4. Change The System

You will find that a lot of the modern-day healthcare system is broken. It’s based on symptom management and symptom management has proven to be ineffective. It only leaves patients sicker than before. The focus is on getting people in and out of the door as quickly as possible. This is a broken system and it needs to be changed. Nurse coaches are at the forefront of changing the system. They are pushing the old ways out the door and ushering in a new way of helping patients. If you want to be a part of changing and fixing the broken system, that’s what you get to be a part of as a nurse health coach. 

There is a lot to like about being a nurse health coach. If you want to become one, it’s time to enroll in our program. Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we offer a Transformative Nurse Coaching program to teach you how to become a board-certified health coach in the nursing specialty.