Tips to Save Money on Motoring Costs

When you add everything up, owning a car is a very costly experience, what with the initial investment, road tax, insurance and, of course, fuel. You will, however, be pleased to learn that there are ways that you can minimise your motoring expenses, and with that in mind, here are a few good examples of how to keep your motoring costs to an acceptable level.

  • Compare Car Insurance Online – Check out for the cheapest car insurance quotes and when you deal with car insurance online, the policy is activated from the time you agree to the terms and conditions. The Internet offers a wealth of benefits and one of those is the ability to compare vehicle insurance costs and terms and conditions.
  • Used Car Parts – If your radiator malfunctions, it will cost at least 100 dollars for a replacement, but if you pay your local car breaker’s yard a visit, they would probably have a used radiator in stock and that would be much cheaper than buying a new component. The type of parts they recondition and resell include radiators, alternators, water pumps and many other engine components. When a car is scrapped, the breaker removes all usable parts and reconditions them, plus the breaker will issue you with some form of warranty, which gives you peace of mind. Many of them also have RV parts in case you are looking for your rv repair. Click here for tips on how to make a journey memorable.
  • Partly Worn Tyres – If a vehicle is about to be scrapped, if the tyres are still in good condition, they will be removed and resold. A set of second-hand tyres might have as much as 12 months of further use and when you look at the cost of 4 new tyres, it is considerable. Next time you are having your tyres changed, ask the technician about used tyres and if they have some in stock, they would inform you.
  • Drive Economically – Many of us drive to get the best out of the car in terms of performance and pushing the revs up to the red line will increase fuel consumption. Rather than using the gears to slow you down, braking will result in less fuel being used and while this kind of driving isn’t so much fun, it will save you on fuel costs.
  • Car Sharing – Why not post on your Facebook page, looking for others who work close to your place of work and try to get a car share pool? If you find 5 or 6 others drivers who make the same trip you do, then you will be very happy at the end of the month when you see your fuel costs and how much you have saved.

Of course, your car does need servicing and if you are able to do this yourself, you can save even more money. The best place to start is calculating your motoring costs over a period of one month and include things like parking; then you can begin to look at ways of bringing these costs down.