Is Stolen Crypto Really Gone? Coin Return Group Explains

Coin Return Group on Stolen Crypto

Can stolen Crypto be recovered? With the increasing number of crypto investments and similarly increasing number of crypto scams, it is essential to ask these questions. If your Crypto gets hacked or stolen, is it really gone?

The Coin Return Group Works To ensure the safety of crypto transactions by apprehending scammers and retrieving your stolen funds. The Coin Return Group has shared a Review on how they work to recover your stolen Crypto and how you can protect your cryptocurrency.

How Coin Return Group Works To Return Stolen Cryptocurrency

The Coin Return Group uses four steps to retrieve and return your stolen Crypto. These include:

Transaction Analysis

The first step is to analyze your recent transactions to identify the one in question. Once this is done, we trace your funds across the blockchain to locate the scammer.

Creation Of Formal Dispute

The next step is the creation of a formal dispute to report the issue of your stolen funds.

Finding Weak Points

Next, we look for weak points in the scammer’s chain.

Freeze And Recover

Lastly, we freeze the scammer’s account and recover your lost Crypto.

How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe From Theft

Make Use Of Cold Storage

Cold storage involves the use of hardware wallets to store your cryptocurrency. These hardware wallets are not connected to the Internet; thus, it is difficult for scammers to access them as they cannot hack them.

Cold wallets are also affordable and easy to use, and they are an excellent choice for protecting your Crypto. With the crypto predictions and the future it holds, blockchain is expected to shoot beyond its current financial service availability.

Be Security Conscious

Avoid websites or apps that are not popular and you are unsure of. Ensure your Internet connection is secure; avoid public Wi-Fi networks when performing crypto transactions. You should also encrypt your wallet with a solid password, back it up, and store the backup in multiple locations.

Don’t share your private key or account details with anyone. You can also get Cyber Security Consulting to ensure your password never gets compromised. Lastly, only click on a link that you know.

Be Wary Of High Profit- Low-Risk Investments

Avoid investment opportunities that are too good to be accurate, as they are likely a scam. Any investment that promises you excess gain much more than your investment is very likely a scam.

Anyone requiring a referral is also a pyramid scheme; they are all scams. Once you invest in them, the scammers will cart away your funds.

Make Use Of A VPN

Using a VPN will be adequate to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. VPNs are affordable and can be used for other activities asides from crypto trading.

Beware Of Malicious Files

Sometimes malicious files can be sent to you by scammers pretending to be a legitimate company and trying to get you to download a file. These kinds of files are usually mallard; once you download them, the scammers can access your system and files.

They can quickly access the passwords on your system and hack into your wallet. When you receive any emails that require you to download something, ensure that you confirm the email address, especially if it is an impersonating email address.

You will be able to notice the difference in the addresses; you can block the sender and save yourself from losing your investments.