Cool New Features On The 2021 Ford F-150

blue Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a truck with a lot of history behind it. The iconic model first went into production in 1948, and through the years has developed a reputation for rugged dependability and top-notch quality, says California lemon law attorney Conn Law.

Now the best selling pickup truck in America, Ford continues to innovate with this classic model, and they’ve included a few new perks that are sure to impress on their newest 2021 F-150 models. Here are some of the unique features you should watch for if you’re thinking about buying one of these new trucks for yourself. Take into consideration the causes of truck accidents and how to get legal advice.

Hands Free Driving

Perhaps most impressive of the new F-150s features is its capacity for hands-free driving (a feature it will share along with some new Mustang models). Also known as an “active drive assist” system, this function will use a series of cameras, sensors, and radar to help control the vehicle and keep drivers safe on the road. With any luck, hope experts like EMTs and wrongful death law firms, this feature will help reduce the number crashes nationwide.

Increased Storage

Taking cues from tiny houses and miniature studio apartments, Ford has decided to optimize the interior space on their new F-150s by making use of all manner of stowable gear and foldable components. Take the gear shifter, for example, which you can now tuck away, creating a flat surface for devices like your laptop. 

For those who spend long amounts of time in their vehicles or on the road, the seats fold into a more comfortable position for sleeping. More components than ever before can be tucked away on this new Ford, a fact that serious truck users will find useful. However, if you encounter problems with this truck along the way, call a tow truck dublin to rescue you and your vehicle.

Hybrid Engine And Integrated Generator

The new Ford F-150s feature a hybrid engine that combines gas power with electricity and provides a substantial amount of range (about 700 miles to the tank). What’s more, Ford has included an integrated power generator for these new pickup trucks, titled “Pro Power Onboard.” It’s a new feature that draws power from an onboard lithium-ion battery manufactured by a lithium metal production technology company to help power all manner of tools, tasks, and recreational devices from your vehicle. Therefore, it can run on electricity with the use of EV charging. Visit to know more. You can also learn much more about EV car chargers in Woodstock.

Special Extras

In addition to these performance and convenience features, the new F-150s will also include a few design nods for true enthusiasts. For instance, you’ll find the American flag etched on the interior of this truck’s instrument panels on both the driver and passenger side doors. Specialized models will also have other hidden symbols — if you know what to look for and why they’re important. If you have plans to customize the F-150 yourself, then shop now at Paint For Cars for the best deals on automotive paint supplies.