Chris de Diego: What SaaS Can Teach Us About The Importance Of Customer Success Departments

Saas Expert Chris de Diego

One of the unique things about SaaS companies is that they operate in a fast-paced world. Many new software versions are going live every day with fresh, never seen before features. But, because of all these changes, problems that need fixing by your team may arise. Without a customer success team and IT support Rock Hill SC, your SaaS company may fall through.

The customer success team is generally tasked with conveying your SaaS product’s positive and negative aspects to your current customers. According to Chris de Diego, an expert in marketing analytics and SaaS companies, here are some of the most important reasons why a SaaS company should have a customer success team.

They can lower the churn rate.

Having a high churn rate might harm your organization because getting new clients is challenging. And it isn’t easy to expand a business solely by acquiring new customers. When customers can’t use your software solution to achieve their goals, they are more likely to leave.

They improve customer loyalty.

Satisfied customers are less likely to cancel subscriptions. Successful consumers will not only extend their contract but also take advantage of your cross-sell and upsell opportunities because they are confident in the value of your product.

They enhance the product roadmap’s appeal.

According to Chris de Diego, check-in meetings will help the customer success department gather the information that might otherwise be unavailable. A customer success representative visiting your biggest customer’s facility might enhance their experience with your product even more, even if they say they are satisfied over the phone.

Identify the most prevalent consumer demands and use them to define your product development and marketing strategy. As a result, your present customers’ requirements and desires are often in line with your potential customers. It’s better to say “we’re adding that soon” than “we don’t have it” to a potential customer.


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Internal communication improves when customers are satisfied.

The goal of a customer success team is to do everything in their power to guarantee that consumers are satisfied with their experience with your company. As a consumer advocate, you’ll often have to speak out for yourself to get things done at work. Customers will have to deal directly with developers, IT, and other departments at SaaS organizations that don’t prioritize customer satisfaction.

As much as we believe all employees should be involved in customer support, it’s inefficient to have customers call your highly technical (and frequently expensive) departments when a customer success team can often answer many of their problems. Your customers should never have to figure out how to navigate your company’s organizational structure independently. 

You’ll see a boost in employee productivity and morale if you keep client communication to a small group (such as the success team), says Chris de Diego.

Builds brand ambassadors

It’s not uncommon for long-term clients to promote your product to their friends and colleagues, even if they transfer to a new company. Customers who are satisfied with your product or service are more likely to repurchase it. They are more likely to spread the word about your brand.


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