5 Creative Ways To Stay Fit

Maintaining a fit body can do more than just make you look and feel good.  A fit vessel can go far in this world, and it’s worth the extra years to get your booty up off the couch.  

Some have even used fitness to cure their harmful addictions.  The merit in exercise is not always as plain to see as one might assume.  

If you’re not really the kind of person to frequent the gym, you’ll have to get a bit more creative about your physical well-being.  Don’t lose heart, and take a few moments to consider some suggestions. Here is a brief look at some creative ways to keep your body fit.  

Pick up a hula hoop

Get in touch with your inner 50’s era child, and pick up a hula hoop.  “Hooping” is all the rage these days, and getting good at it requires a very thorough cardio workout.  You’ll effectively work your hips, waist, butt, thighs, and abdomen while working your new hula hoop.  

Challenge yourself to rock climbing

Rock climbing will build muscle in places you didn’t know you could build muscle.  Hanging from a rock wall requires you to use your core to remain sturdy, and your body will quickly feel the activity working.  Indoor rock climbing is a great place to begin learning the art.  

Play a sport with friends

You don’t have to be a kid to go out for a game of ball with your friends.  Get your friends together for a friendly game of frisbee or basketball.  

Toss around the old pigskin.  Do something to get some time with those you enjoy the most, while simultaneously benefiting your physical fitness.  

Grab a jump rope 

Jumping rope is something you can do all by yourself to keep your body fit.  The activity works your heart, your legs, your arms, and your core. You’ll be amazed at how much a simple rope can really impact your physical health.  

Get out on the dance floor 

Dancing is super effective at burning calories.  If you can turn down the booze, spend some time on the dancefloor at your local bar.  Dancing your cares away will not only ease your mind, but your body will thank you later.  

Enroll in martial arts classes

Teach yourself discipline and physical fitness at the same time, and enroll in a martial arts class.  You’ll morph into a better you, if you really buy into what your teacher is offering.  Learn to defend yourself while simultaneously looking after your health.  

Learn to skateboard 

Skateboarding isn’t limited to a certain age.  Anyone can learn to glide, and skateboarding requires the use of your whole body to master.  Hone your physical agility, and hope on a longboard, for starters. The larger board will make it a little easier to control your roll.